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Swiss Cheese comes from Swiss Cows!! « Brandon Marsh's Blog


Swiss Cheese comes from Swiss Cows!!

I have a blog about our rare “coffee shop” ride to Montreaux in progress, but in the interim, here was the scene outside our window yesterday afternoon.  I had to post it.

And, since we have been here, we have noticed that Swiss Cheese with ‘holes’ in it seems to be more of a Western thing.  Some of the cheeses we’ve eaten are…normal Mozzarella, Tilsiter, Gruyere, and Emmental which is typical swiss looking cheese!  Anyway, enjoy the video of the Swiss cows, bells and all.  And, I’m pretty sure these cows eat grass for most of their lives like they are supposed to…not corn and the other crap we tend to feed them in the US.

YouTube Preview Image

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