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Embrunman…A Prelude « Brandon Marsh's Blog


Embrunman…A Prelude

A little over 2 weeks ago now, I competed at Ironman UK.  Until then, my Ironman ‘career’ had spanned a grand total of 6 Ironman races…2 age group races with IM Florida in 2001 and IM Hawaii in 2002, and 4 professional races with IMAz ’08, IMMOO ’09, IMFl ’09, and IMChina ’10.  UK was my 7th Ironman to race, my best finish, and what I considered the ‘hardest’ Ironman in which I had raced.

After my 5th place finish, Doc let me know that I had ‘earned’ my entry into Embrunman.  I’d heard of Embrunman from James who raced last year and finished 3rd.  I’d never done 2 ironmans in the space of 2 weeks, much less 2 of the more (most) difficult in that same span.  Honestly, I was not sure if I should be happy in that triathlete sort of way or scared to death of the race.

So, on Friday the 13th (I only realize that as I type this blog!) myself, Scott, Matt, James, and Tereza hopped in a couple of rented V’dubs and left Leysin to go to Embrunman.  I’ll spare you the details of the trip…Matt has covered some of them here.  We stopped at a Carrefour grocery for lunch and then it was into Embrun where we checked in, received our race numbers, and found something else to eat at a proper restaurant this time!  I have a new found appreciation for the odd grocery store meal…sometimes made better with the addition of some McDonald’s “Potatoes” (not frites) as seen in Matt’s blog!  Then we took a drive up and up and up to one of the ski resorts there where we would be staying for the weekend.  All in all the trip getting to Embrun was a good one.  The town itself reminded me quite a bit of a Colorado or New Mexico town like Durango or Ruidoso.  Saturday was spent with the usual pre-race stuff…workouts, checking in bikes, filling water bottles, other time consuming things, etc.

I have to go back to whether or not I was happy or scared to death of the race.  As we headed to Embrun, we took the scenic route that included a drive over the Col du Galibier.  As we climbed, and kept climbing, I came to the realization that a little bit of fear…or at least respect…would probably serve me well as James kept saying how the Galibier was quite similar to the Col du Izoard.

They say pictures are worth a thousand words.  Unfortunately, my camera/video only had a smidge of battery left, so I was able to shoot a short 1 minute clip below.  But, you will have to check Matt’s blog for more pics as well as James’ blog for some pictures as well.  I’ll link James’ in a day or so when I post my race report…

YouTube Preview Image

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