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Leysin “Fairy” Festival « Brandon Marsh's Blog


Leysin “Fairy” Festival

I’m not sure where they got the name.  I suspect it is an end of the summer festival more than anything because on Monday the 23rd of August school started again!!

Anyway, the whole town came out for it.  Amy and I as well as some other teammates cruised around, ate some Swiss food…sausage, salads, fruit tarts, chocolate pastries, etc!!  It was a pretty good time.

YouTube Preview Image

In keeping with the theme of my Montreaux blog, I video’d some of the music, and thought that I would post a bit of it as well as a few bonus tracks as well!!

First up we have a “Guggenmusik” band…or at least I think that is what Caroline aka Swiss Miss called it.  Very entertaining all evening!!  Amy liked their “trousers” as Jodie called them, but I don’t think that wearing them would be very suitable for the scorching hot climate that we have in Texas!!!

YouTube Preview Image

Next up is a traditional Swiss band…again according to Swiss Miss.  The guy that waved was very musically talented.  He played what appeared to be an Oboe, Clarinet, and Saxophone.  No word if he played the flute…

YouTube Preview Image

Lastly, a cover band of sorts.  Interesting to hear their take on Country music.  At least they picked some real country…and rock with Elvis.  In this first video…do NOT take any dancing lessons from the couple on center stage…line dancing is NOT really something that real ‘Texans’ do!

First up…a little “Jambalaya on the Bayou”…

And, the original or at least one of the original versions by the one and only Hank Williams!

Next up…All Shook Up

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And, the original by the one and only Elvis Presley!  Really…this guy was awesome and ahead of his time…too bad he died on the toilet with his undershorts around his ankles!!!  The 33rd anniversary of his death was just a week or so ago!

YouTube Preview Image

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