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I’m writing this blog from NYC…New York City.  More precisely, the New York Laguardia Airport.  Like TMac’s blog about catching a train, to catch a plane, to eventually get to a race, today has been one long travel day that is not yet over.  I’m on my way to Madison, Wisconsin where I will stay and do Ironman Wisconsin on September 12.  By the time I get to Madison, I will have traveled on 2 trains, 3 planes, 1 shuttle bus, and 1 taxi and will have been through 5 airports.

So, being in NYC is definitely a change from Leysin.  Way more cars and people.  And the training in Madison will certainly be different.  I am staying where I should be able to continue to go carless for at least a week and walk or ride my bike everywhere.  It will be good.

Pictures and videos are worth a thousand words, so here are a few for your viewing pleasure…keeping with the changes theme!

We have an inside-out view of the train heading up the hill to Leysin.  You can see our ‘home’ for about 3 months.  It is the top right hand unit in the pink building.  Amy is waving, but I think that the sun gets in the way.

YouTube Preview Image

And for a change of scenery, the outside-in view of the train heading up the hill to Leysin.  One change that I will have is NOT hearing the train come up AND down the hill once per hour between about 7AM and 11PM.  But, between the hours of 530AM and 700AM, I believe that it makes 2 trips each up AND down the hill each hour!!

YouTube Preview Image

And lastly, it seemed that with the end of August in Leysin, came the end of the warm-ish weather!!  Sunday and Monday were COLD and rainy!  I was up at the top of the village yesterday afternoon and it was sleeting.  When we woke up this morning, all the neighboring mountains had more than a light dusting of snow on them!  So, that is why I am dressed in fleece before I catch the train to Aigle and then Geneva!

YouTube Preview Image

Stay tuned for an update from Wisconsin.

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