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I left Leysin for Madison, Wisconsin a few days ago.  From Switzerland, the country of cheese, to Wisconsin, the cheese state.  I’m not here to critique the cheese, but I will eat some Wisconsin cheese while here.  I am here to race Ironman Wisconsin on the 12th of September.  I did this race last year and finished 9th.  Naturally, I am here to improve on that!

If you aren’t good with words (translation…you don’t like reading), then scroll down and look at the pictures and vid.

I’m not staying in Madison proper, but out in Middleton…pretty much “generica” if you will.  There is a Chipotle across the road which is good and dangerous.  There is a grocery store within walking distance…or at least that is what I think now that I have walked almost the entire village of Leysin on a daily basis.  And, the grocery is in a big box haven with a Target, Old Navy, and maybe even a PetCo.

From where I am staying to where we are headed…

So today, I rode into Madison proper to snap a couple of pictures.  The course is awesome as it starts and finishes in downtown Madison.  The bike goes out West of town through Verona and Mt. Horeb.  The run is through the State Street district as well as campus.  The Capitol building…

I’ve been told to try the “squeaky cheese” here in Wisconsin.  “Squeaky Cheese” is (I’m told) cheese curds.  That might be a post race kind of thing, but I doubt I’ll wait that long.  At times I wonder if Texas can be out-done with the fried food delicacies…the State Fair has a fried food contest every year.  But, not only do cheese curds exist, you can get them deep fried as well, or a corn dog, or fries with cheese if that’s your poison.  Turns out the “Taste of Madison” festival was going on today, but I didn’t have the necessary funds with me to see just what they tasted like!

After the Capitol, it was through the state street district.  Austin has 6th street.  Memphis has Beale Street.  Madison has State Street.

From there it was through campus on a lazy Sunday PM…much different than my Friday ride through Madison…to see some of the course as well.  College football started yesterday.  One of the unique aspects of the run course is that it also does a loop around the field at Camp Randall Stadium here at the University of Wisconsin.  The gates were all locked up, so I wasn’t able to get a picture IN the stadium, but  I don’t think that there is any doubt who lives here!

How about it Nike, Adidas, Avia, or anyone else…want to make a TeamTBB trailer for us?

And, what would a blog be without a video?!

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“Impossible is Nothing!’

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