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Ironman Wisconsin, Take #2 « Brandon Marsh's Blog


Ironman Wisconsin, Take #2

Writing a race report for a good race is easy, and it’s fun.  Writing a race report for a race that goes less than stellar is tough.  Heck, it’s easier to just wipe it under the rug, and not even bother with it…the race report that is.  Or, just go hide and wallow in self-pity.  Self-pity really gets you nowhere fast.  DH Lawrence “I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself.  A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever feeling sorry for itself.”

I started this blog before Tamsin posted hers, but maybe just go read hers first…or maybe I should just link to it for my race report.

Certainly, I wanted my race to go better.  I had a good swim leading the pack with the exception of one John Flanagan III (or II or IV I’m not quite sure).  Out of the water, up the ‘helix’ crowded with screaming spectators, and it was onto the bike.  I was in 4th for awhile and riding fairly well.  Joe Gambles passed me and asked who all was up there.  I continued to hold onto 5th and started the run 6th or 7th with 2 guys directly in front of me and one pretty close behind.

About 7-8 miles into the run is when it started…and Tamsin talks about it.  At Ironman UK, my pace slowed and I lost some time, but I told myself to just HTFU and run a bit harder.  There it worked,my last 10k was one of my strongest.  Here in Wisconsin, I just let my mind wander and my pace slow.  Instead of working on bringing the race back, getting my head back into the game, in hindsight I was focused on the growing soreness in my legs, the miles that were left to go, the fact that I’d lost several places and wasn’t where I wanted to be.  It could have been as simple as a short slow down through a couple of aid stations to re-fuel, collect the thoughts, and get moving again only faster this time, but I didn’t.  I crossed the line as the 12th pro about 1 minute quicker than last year, but certainly not the race that I wanted.

So, I’ll close this one with thanks to TeamTBB, coach, Amy, and all our sponsors.  The season isn’t over yet, and that big race is out there.  But, it won’t be easy, they never are.  Back at it sooner rather than later.

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