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Smoothie Time

I had lunch with a good friend of mine the other day.  He asked for the three non-triathlon things that we liked most about Switzerland.  One of them was definitely the fact that we were car-less for 3 months.  That meant that we either walked or rode our bikes everywhere.  We can ‘sort of’ do that where we live in Austin, but it would be quite a long walk to the grocery store…about 2 miles instead of 0.5 miles.  And it would be an even longer walk to the nearest pool that is open year round…probably 5-6 miles instead of 1 mile.  But, we can/could/do ride our bikes to these places at times.  Definitely we do not ‘have’ to have the 2nd older car that we have.

One thing that I kind of missed in Switzerland was my sometimes daily smoothie.  Amy really missed this.  I was perfectly ok replacing it with some good cheese, and I continue to do that here.  But, sometimes you just need a smoothie.  Here’s a video about my smoothie prep…

YouTube Preview Image

The actual recipe…10 ounces more or less Almond Milk, 1 banana, frozen strawberries…obviously, 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, and as much almond butter as you want which for me is a LOT.

PS…we don’t plan these videos, but Amy just heard banging outside the door and came to see what it was about and then video’d the final steps of the strawberry massacre.

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