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Kona Bound!

Every triathlon website is littered with news of this weekend’s upcoming Ironman World Championships!  I have been to the ‘big island’ twice, and this will be my third trip there.  It will be my second trip to support and watch Amy race.

In 2002 I qualified for IM World Championships by finishing 1st in my age group and 3rd overall at the Buffalo Springs 1/2 Ironman in Lubbock, TX.  Back then, there wasn’t much $$ in it for the pros, so the field was quite a bit ‘weaker’.  Anyway, I went to Hawaii and had a good experience, but not a great race finishing in 11:09 or so.

3 years later just a few months before Amy and I got ‘hitched’ we went to Hawaii for her race.  Our families were worried that we’d just up and get married there!!  She went on to finish in 10:48 or so…yep…she beat my time.

She says it took almost 5 years to recover from that one…and she qualified last year at IM Wisconsin in grand style.  She won the whole shootin’ match as we say in Texas.  So, once again, she’s off to Hawaii for IM World Championships.  I had a couple of near misses…or near hits…last year and didn’t qualify.  And once again, I’ll be going to the big Island to support Amy.  I’ve actually also got 2 athletes that I’ve been coaching who will be racing as well…so it will be good to cheer them on.  I can’t forget our teammates who will also be racing.  I suspect that my phone will be ringing off the hook as Scottie and James buzz and text me to find out how the 8 TBB athletes are doing!!

We’re headed to the Island soon and will make sure that no one is left in the airport since judging by tweets, facebook, etc. Amy will be the last one to arrive.  Today was spent doing a few of those race week workouts and some housekeeping for the bike.  Since the nearest US Bike Boutique is in Wilmington, we had to do the bike work at the best Cervelo dealer in Austin.

YouTube Preview Image

It was a group effort.  Amy took care of the real ‘dirty work’ by getting the dirt and grime off the bike.  I took care of the details by doing some adjusting for the race wheels and to just give it a good once over with lube, etc.  Tomorrow will be the test ride to make sure that everything works before it goes into the bike case.  And of course, we’ll check it all out again in Kona before race day!

YouTube Preview Image

Stay tuned…we’ll try to get some footage from Kona!!

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