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LoneStar Party Bus

Yep, a party bus.  2 weeks ago a friend of ours was celebrating his 40th b-day and wanted to cruise downtown Austin on a party bus.  So, Amy and I joined him and several others on the Lonestar Party Bus…

LoneStar Party Bus

LoneStar Party Bus

Not quite our scene…and I think that I asked before we got on the bus if this was going to be an old school bus or an old church bus.  It was a cross of the two!  So, we were off to tour the best that downtown Austin has to offer.  Anyway, sometime after our 9pm start time, a friend of ours who is running the Houston Marathon this weekend started talking about hitting his goal of 3:10 to qualify for the Boston marathon.  Blah, blah, blah, that turned to training talk and an email that I sent him a couple of months ago that compiled some email responses to help him hit 3:10…some of the gems in the emails…

- Run lots of miles fast

- Tempo runs don’t “hurt” you

- Do you long run on Sunday and like Brandon says finish strong

- Don’t run with other people that are going to bring you down.

The gems didn’t end there.  Shawn asked if I’ve read “Once a Runner”.  I’ve read a lot of books…fiction and non…but this was not one of them.  So, I went to half price books and bought it.  Great book.  Some of my favorites from “Once a Runner”…

- Training is training, it all seems to blend together after a while.  What is going on inside is just a big puzzle.

- But your sights have always been too low.

- The awful truth would begin to dawn on him: there was no Secret!

- “You are speaking no doubt of the fabled ‘third wind’.”…”I’m not sure. I haven’t read Runner’s World lately so I don’t know what they are calling it this month.”

Sorry you didn’t get the “what happens when you mix a bunch of triathletes and non-triathletes on a party bus in downtown Austin” or “triathletes gone wild” blog.  Instead you just get some more training talk.  As a side note, “Once a Runner” was written in 1978.  So, I have to ask…how far have we come?  The same questions asked in the book are the same ones that are still being asked 32 years later.

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