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March 1st Already « Brandon Marsh's Blog


March 1st Already

It’s already March.  This time last year, I’d been in Thailand for about 3 weeks and was headed to IM China for my American Survivor TV Show type race in a week or so.  I’d visited Singapore on the way and spent way too much time in the Airport in Seoul.  Kimchi, no thanks.  Bulgogi, maybe, but once is close to enough.  Hainanese chicken rice is so-so…a little bland.  But, in Thailand where we were it was an omelette with rice or chicken curry and rice or Tom Yum soup.  I could eat that every day…which turned out to be a good thing.  If you would have asked me two years ago in March 2009 if I remotely thought that one day I’d be going to Thailand to meet Brett Sutton and train as part of TeamTBB I would have said no way…but it’s weird where twists and turns will take you.

It’s March 1, and we’re getting ready for training camp in Thailand again.  I’ve got an IPOD that I didn’t have last year.  I’ll probably sweat it up while in Thailand.  As I type this, I’m listening to some Billy Joe Shaver, Zac Brown, Reckless, and other Texas type music.  Now that I’ve got an IPOD and Itunes, I can take it with me…and try to convert some of my teammates.

Anyway, it has been a pretty mild winter here in Texas, even though I blogged some of the coldness.  There have only been a handful of days where it has been really cold.  It’s just that everyone likes to talk about…aka gripe about…the weather wherever you are living.  It’s turning really nice here right now, and I suspect that we’ll wish we were back in Texas about the time we land in Thailand.

Anyway, never one to get to the point of the blog early…we are fortunate in Austin to have some great bike shops.  Our local bike shop is the local Cervelo dealer, and they’ve got a really talented writer for their blog.  She’s been trying to do a few pieces on “The (Real) Life of the Pros” on the blog and recently featured “Team-Marsh“.  Amy and I are not very good (OK terrible) at self-promotion, so thanks to Kat and ATC for some visibility here!

Which brings me in a round about way to some additional thanks for the upcoming season.  We’re really happy to have Louis Garneau back as a team sponsor.  I’ve been on the LG HRS Tri shoes for a year now, and could not be happier.  I’ve been a fan of the basic single strap tri shoe for some time now, and the LG shoes are great.  Thankfully, I’ve not really had to ‘test’ their helmets so to speak…but my other half has!  The Diamond helmet did its job.

Avia is back again!  Brett has worked with us to train the way we race…certainly when it comes to shoes.  I had a conversation with another pro in town, and he asked which model of shoes I ran in.  I said “The Bolts”.  He asked…for racing?  I said for everything.  So, my everyday pair of running shoes has become the Avia Bolts.  The new ones just showed up, and they are snazzy.  Can’t wait.

Fortunately the list doesn’t end there…Cervelo, 2XU, 3T as well.  I’m particularly looking forward to the 2XU gear as my running apparel selection is circa 1990 when I started the sport.  I’m pretty sure that I’m still hanging on to the old stuff…at least a pair of really old tights.  And, while Hurley board shorts might be fashionable…I can certainly tell you that they do NOT make good running shorts!  But, how about Hurley!?…triathletes like to look cool too!!

Good Looking...not Good Running

Lastly, with a new year starting, it’s only fitting to give a little thanks in advance to Brett and Alex.  They’ve both helped bring the team concept to triathlon.  My history started with TeamTBB in 2010.  The first year of the team was 2007.  It’s grown.  Team Timex was probably the first triathlon team to make it more than a couple of years.  TeamTBB has continued to provided professional triathletes with the opportunity to see just where they can go by not only working to find top notch sponsorships, but to also provide the best coaching in the world.  We’re seeing more teams pop up on the pro triathlon circuit with Trek/KSwiss, Commerzbank, a new Belgium team, Team AbuDhabi, Specialized, and Trakkers to name a few.  Seems like TeamTBB has had a bit of a role in that starting out a bit over 4 years ago.  So, March 1st already…and here we go!

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