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Let’s see.  I am in Singapore right now on a relatively short stopover before I catch a flight to Krabi for training camp.  I’m probably going to swing by the TBB offices and take a short swim and do some coaching work with the folks while there.  Trying to get things a little simplified in that area.

But, it has been a little bit of an adventure so far.  Not too much, and it could have been much worse.

At the check-in counter in Dallas they were worried that I only had a one way ticket.  They could only get my bags checked through to Beijing…and that threw them for a loop.  Since I had to pick them up after landing, they were worried that I’d not be able to clear customs since I had no VISA for China…and they were not talking about a credit card.  Last year, we had like a 12 hour layover in Seoul.  We had to get our bags, hang out with them for awhile and go back in.  So, they were prepared to NOT issue my ticket.  After reading some fine print, and some pleasant discussion with me (really, I kept my cool!), they saw that it was ok to send my on my way.  Since I was in transit and would be there less than 24 hours, it was a go.

I stopped in San Francisco, and had just long enough to check in for my Beijing flight.  I had no boarding pass, and then at the check in desk, they were worried about me only having a one way ticket to Singapore.  I explained and showed that I was not staying in Singapore.  Anyway, after a little bit, I got on the flight to Beijing.  Before we ever left the runway, I was dozing in my seat when I heard a ‘slap’ sound a few people shout ‘hey!!’.  Turns out a few seats up, one of the passengers was kicking the back of the seat in front of him.  The receiver of the kicks just turned around and smacked the guy behind him.  Smacked him pretty hard as I think that there was a little bit of bloodshed.

So, it was down to the runway to wait in line…or was it.  Then we turned around and headed back to the gate.  I wasn’t sure why.  No one was sure why.  They don’t tell you those things.  Supposedly, one of the passengers did not have his immigration/customs documents in order.  So, they requested that we return to the gate to get all organized.  A bunch of security officers got on the plane, pilots were walking around, and then the doors were closed, seemingly with no issues.  Then, we were on our way…again.  The separated the two who came to blows earlier.  1.5 hours late, we were on our way.

Landed in Beijing, and I went to the in transit desk.  I got a ‘sticker’ on my passport that was to get me to my bags and back in the airport with no issues, or so I thought.  Turns out, she wrote CA979 instead of CA975 on my flight number.  So, they said I was going to Bangkok…of course that did not match what was in the computer.  It took 3 walks from the transit desk to customs to get it all sorted out.  Then, I hung out in the Beijing airport before heading to Singapore.

On the flight to Singapore, I had hoped to get some much needed sleep.  Turns out I was sitting with one rather large Chinese man who had a ‘larger’ sounding snore on my right.  There want a slightly less large Chinese man with a slightly less large snore behind me.  It sounded like road construction going on around me.  Needless to say, not much sleep happened.

So, now I am about to head to the TBB offices to take a short swim and get out of the airport for a couple of hours.  Hopefully that won’t be too adventurous!!

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