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Full Circle

We are all familiar with the saying “What goes around comes around”.  So, it’s been almost a full 12 months since Amy and I left Thailand.  And, we are back 12 months later…this time about a month or so later than last year.  And, we are back with TeamTBB for our 3rd training camp.  There are some newbies…and we are no longer part of that group.

I think that they’ve all been introduced via the web.  But, we’ve got Dan from Isle of Jersey…but not New Jersey.  We’ve got Aaron and Felicity from AUS…but not Austin.  Jodie, another one of the GBR top triathletes…there seem to be a lot of those lately.  Dave also from AUS, who is Xena’s other half…I had to google to see if Xena had a significant other in the TV series for a possible knickname, but Ares was all I could find and I didn’t have the inkling to figure out who he is/was.  And we’ve got MaryBeth from the good ole U.S.of.A.  Pity we could only get one more American in the squad, but unfortunately we were only 2 for 4 last year for retaining the US newbies, and 1 more was all that the Team seemed willing to chance, and I think that she was a late addition.  12 months later, some more new folks.

I don’t have any pictures just yet or any “What are we doing” videos, but rest assured, they will come.  The Hotel Tawanti is still the same.  May’s english has improved, sadly my Thai has not.

We still get ‘hellos’ while out riding and running…and grins and laughs when we reply back.  Thai food is still spicy.  The BigC and Tesco are still the go to places for all things needed.  The first few days that I’ve been here the pool has cycled from not so good looking to really nice.  Sadly, our go to spot for post swim food is not open anymore. But the hotel restaurant is and is a good substitute.

As far as Thailand goes right now, it’s “same same” as they say here.  Probably a follow up blog on sponsors and what not.  And, once the Mrs. gets back from AbuDhabi, we’ll get rolling with some “What are you doing?” videos.

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