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Singapore 57.2

I say 57.2 because that I where my race effectively ended.  For whatever reason, I got off the bike and just couldn’t run.  I mean, I could run, just not fast.  Certainly not what my fitness told me I was capable of running.  Certainly not what the negative split run this morning told me I’d run.  Certainly not what the few runs in Thailand leading up to the race suggested I’d run.

Unlike Amy, I had arrived in Thailand about 1 week before I was to head to Singapore for the race.  The days before leaving the workouts were not too hard, but they were at the tail end of a very consistent training block.  Upon arriving in Thailand, I was greeted with the heat and humidity that I hadn’t really experienced since Texas in September.  A rude, but welcomed, awakening.  The first week or so consisted of pretty light workouts…generally just to get into a routine.  And then suddenly it was off to Singapore…we were set up with a very last minute homestay from a contact in Austin.  Big Thanks!

It was my first 70.3 since June…and it showed.  My swim start was so-so.  As I exited the water to do the run around before loop 2 it was as if I was moving through quicksand.  The group that I had just bridged up to after a lackluster middle 400 or so meters of loop 1 were running in a different time zone.  I managed to close the gap again by the end of loop 2 seemingly to run into the same quicksand that I hit after loop 1.  Doc would later confirm that while I might have felt as if I was running for all I was worth, I was running more like I was in quicksand and was quickly on my way to being dropped even before the start of the bike.  I believe the phrase that he used was something to the effect of moving about as fast as “honey pouring from a jar.”  Onto the bike with Faris just in front and the main group of 6 or so about 30 seconds up the road.  A quick little missed turn and return and I was back in pursuit…I was not alone in missing this turn I would find out later.  I rode as hard as I could for about the first 15 or so miles and bridged up to the tail end of the front bunch.  It appeared there were about 7 of us.  Then it was a hurry up and wait game as here and there someone would make a jump and the pace would quicken.  James joined us and brought with him a few others and our group swelled to about a dozen.

Hurry up and wait.  Navigate carefully through the age groupers.  Eat, drink, and get ready for the run.  I was ready.  In these conditions a 1:20 would have got the job done.  I started the run in the same quicksand that hampered me exiting the swim.  “Quicksand”…yeah right.  More like “Slow”sand or molasses to be more accurate.  Game over after about 5k.  I would put one foot in front of the other for the rest of the run finishing about 13th or so.  1st race of the season over and done.  Looking forward to this next block of training and race #2.

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