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“Git Er Done!” « Brandon Marsh's Blog


“Git Er Done!”

Well, first off Jodie is going to be mad.  Not that there’s a blog war going on…but when you get a bunch of athletes together, they tend to get a bit competitive.  Even down to who has the most recent blog!  We’re trying to get it a bit sorted out and try to get some webstuff moved around.

I’m from TX and we say things like…”y’all” or “J’eat yet” or “fixin to” or the every popular “all yall”…more on one of those later.  Now to the title…”Git Er Done”.  The translation is simply to get the job done, finish the job, or whatever.

Yesterday after our run, Scott and I were talking about a couple of our athletes that we coach through the TeamTBB Online Coaching.  Basically, what it came down to was how impressed we were with how they attacked their workouts.

So, yesterday about 3:15pm it started raining.  Not just sprinkles and showers like we’ve had for the past week.  But Biblical rain.  In fact, we had to detour our ride today because part of a town was flooded out.  It was raining so hard that Doc (that’s Brett Sutton for you new readers), a world reknowned old-skool hard-@$$ coach, postponed the run until 5pm to see if the rain would let up…it didn’t I think that it actually go harder.  At 5pm we all met downstairs in the Tawanti hotel to see if what the plan was.  The run was still on, but moved from the track (which was under water) to the roads (which were not).  So, it was off to run in the rain.

The time came to “Git Er Done”.  It was off into the “hard rain” or “pissing rain” for an “epic” or “hard” run session.  The video quality isn’t that great…probably because darkness was on the way and the rain had just barely let up.  But, here you go…

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

And, if you’re wondering…it has started raining again.  I’ve given up on cleaning my entire bike and just moved to keeping the drivetrain clean.  There’s a ride scheduled in the morning as well as our daily scheduled time for the swim.  No stationary trainers are in sight.  Anyway you look at it, it’ll be another “Git Er Done” kind of day!

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