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And Just Like That…3 Weeks!!!

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Wow, three weeks since I’ve blogged.  I could list a litany of excuses…but that’s all they would be…excuses.  Let’s see…Krabi had Biblical rains, I got sick for the first time away from home, lots of travel, sketchy internet.  The list goes on.  But, Jeff4 called me out on my TBB page about not having any “What are we doing” videos.  I do have a few as well as a few more just video videos.  So here goes…

So, it rained…A LOT!! Thanks to James and Jodie for this Video!

YouTube Preview Image

And then, we thought it was over, so we went for a long ride.  In the US, we’d get laughed at.  In Thailand…just watch.

YouTube Preview Image

And then, it stopped raining, but I needed some massive calories because that’s what happens when you spend as much time on the toilet as training.

YouTube Preview Image

And then, you need more calories, so you go to the Night Market!

YouTube Preview Image

And then, before you know it training camp is over, and you film part of one of your last rides…just to give the folks at home a taste of riding in Thailand.

YouTube Preview Image

I’ll post some pictures on a blog soon as well as some words of wisdom from my 89 year old Grandmother.