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It’s Sunday evening.  I’m watching a really ‘slow’ movie on TV with Tom Selleck in it.  He had one of the inspirations for my mustache back in Movember, but not the one I went with…still deciding if I should bring back the Movember stache before Movember.  I’ve got a good head of hair going right now that’s for sure…pictures to follow.

Anyway, you probably know that I’ve been a bit out of commission lately.  And, then to top it off I had a raging sinus infection. Jeff4 posted about it over in my forum.  Anyway, you’d think that I’ve got a ton of time on my hands.  For a bit, it seemed that way.  But, I’ve been able to get some good coaching work done.  The house is clean.  The bikes are spotless…I even cleaned Amy’s a couple of times.  We’ve kind of got an agreement that we each clean our own bikes…but since she is racing, I did quite a bit of work on hers so it is ready to go.

I watched the races this weekend.  IMTX in particular.  It’s easier to watch on the web than watching in person.  At least, when watching online, you don’t get swollen feet and legs from being up and about all day.  But, it’s still very tough to watch from the sidelines.  I wasn’t planning on doing IMTX this year…May in TX has historically been miserable.  It was close to that yesterday, but the racers can be glad they didn’t race today.  It seemed to be a well done first year race.  The pro race was interesting since this was only 1 of 2 4,000 point races…only Kona is higher.  It has been kind of strange watching the points chase.  Anyway, I’m going nowhere with the commentary.

So, I’ve got about a week or so left with no running.  I finally kicked the sinus infection with the help of not 1 but 2 rounds of antibiotics.  So, that will take a bit to get back from as well!  I rode today with a couple of friends and can finally do a flip turn in the pool without feeling like my eyeballs are going to pop out of my head.  I’m getting ready to send Amy off to IM Brazil and then Swiss Camp.  If all goes well, I’ll head towards Swiss in early July.

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