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What’s a Guy to Do… « Brandon Marsh's Blog


What’s a Guy to Do…

What’s a guy to do when his S.O. heads off to TeamTBB training camp and leaves him “home alone”?  I’m probably not the best one to ask.  My bachelor-hood was, truth be told, quite boring.  I was the single guy at work (during my previous Engineering life) that my friends thought they would live vicariously through.  Sadly, I let them down.

My life consisted of waking up, training, going to work for 9 or so hours a day sometimes working out again at lunch, and then working out again before doing it all again the next day. That all changed that fateful day when I met Amy at the pool.  Well, not really.  I just had someone else to join me on some of those workouts.  But…how have I filled my days?

It’s only been a few, and at the end of each month or beginning of the other, I end up having quite a bit of the TeamTBB coaching admin stuff to do.  That’s always fun! I listen to a lot of music.  Right now, it is generally pretty mellow since it fills the space that might normally be filled with talking.  I say might normally because those of you who know Amy know that she’s not a real talkative one.  Good thing I can be…even if it is somewhat slow as Brett says.  Slow talkin’ Texan with the fast movin’ mind.  So, it’s Pandora radio with a varied mix depending on the mood.

Right now my musical selection is pretty mellow.  Texas singer songwriter types.  Casey Donahew Band, Ryan Bingham, Rich O’Toole,  Reckless Kelly, Avett Brothers, Turnpike Troubadours, and Josh Abbott are the main selections right now.  Throw in a little bit of The Black Crowes, Kid Rock, Led Zepplin as well.  And, then there is the occasional Eminem, maybe some Pink for Bek and Jodie, Weezer, Queen, Young the Giant, and a few other randoms like The Killers.  So, a pretty good mix.

Other than that, the days are slowly being filled with training again.  I seem to be on the mend, and that is a good thing.  I feel like I was Mr. Grumpy Pants there for a bit, and made worse when the S.O. leaves for Europe.  So, as things stand now, I’ll head out to West TX and do a little race in a couple of weeks.  Maybe I’ll follow that up with another race somewhere on July 10 or thereabouts.  And, maybe I’ll follow that up with a flight to hop the pond over the join Amy and the rest of the Team at training camp.  By then, the rain should have quit and the temps should be good…so my packing will be much lighter than Amy’s!

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