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1993 – 2011

I’ve been reading “I’m Here to Win” by Macca who also just raced his first ITU World Cup style race in a long time!!  Anyway, it’s interesting reading.  I was at Kona in 2002 when Macca was first there.  I was about a minute back from him in the swim and then I guess you could say I went on to pass him since I stumbled across the line about 11 hours after I started.  He talks about the evolution of triathlon or the rift between the American style of racing and the ITU style of racing.  But, that’s not what this blog is about.

I’m headed out to Lubbock, TX this weekend for the Buffalo Springs Triathlon.  I first raced there in 1993 when it was an Olympic Distance triathlon.  I think that I finished 4th or so.  It was a few weeks after the Texas State Championship which I won as an 18 year old…shocked myself and everyone else.  In 1999 I think it was I went back and did my first 1/2 Ironman there.  I qualified for Kona there in 2002 by finishing as the 2nd amateur and 3rd overall in the race.  So, I guess that the race in Lubbock is a bit special to me…if I must reminisce.  I have raced 2x as a pro there finishing somewhere around 4th or 5th each time.  So, I’ll head out there again on Friday to toe the line on Sunday with a bunch of other ‘mice’ fighting over a few pieces of ‘cheese’.  I’ll let you figure out the analogy or metaphor…proper grammer was never my strength.

Invariably, people ask how you expect to do or what does the field look like, etc.  If you keep up here, you know that May was pretty much a zero for me.  I felt like a hero in March and April.  Hero to zero the saying goes, but that is taking it a little too far.  May was forgettable yes.  I didn’t run a step for 5 weeks, barely rode.  But, the thing about racing, the reason that we do it, the reason that Doc likes it, is that it is the last of the no spin zone.  Whoever crosses the line first wins.  Whatever happened in the days, weeks, months, leading up to the race does not really matter.  Everyone is equal when the gun goes off.  By all accounts, I probably have no business toeing the line on Sunday.  I told myself if I could run 1 hour this weekend I’d race.  I did better than that, so race it is.  But, it’s the challenge of it.  Will it affect my confidence one way or the other how the race goes…no.  Some may disagree, but I’m here to tell you it won’t.

To tie it back to “I’m here to win”…Macca just toed the line in a race that he likely had no business being in.  Did he think that he was going to just show up and win.  I doubt it.  But, I can tell you that he was ‘there to win’ however improbable it was.  I can tell you that on Sunday I’m there to win.  I’m there to give whatever I have on that day.  I love racing in Texas…so to some degree Lubbock is a hometown race.

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