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Hail Yeah…Colorado! « Brandon Marsh's Blog


Hail Yeah…Colorado!

Yesterday finished the Cervelo Bicycles BRAIN BIKE conference.  Yes, they are introducing a new bike…right now.  The S5.  It is sweet.  The spec is sweet.  The 2012 model line up is sweet.  It is great to be sponsored by these guys.  There will be changes all around for 2012.

I decided to stay an extra couple of days in Avon, Colorado…where the Beaver Creek ski resort is.  We did a couple of 40 mile rides as part of the conference.  They were pretty much, out the door, flat for a bit, up for a long bit, turn around and come back.  Yes, I also did a bit of running and swimming.  Today, I ventured out to do the Copper Triangle…a 80ish mile ride (90 from Avon) that goes through Copper Mountain, Vail, and Leadville.  It is on three roads, hence the triangle reference.  I spent a LOT of time/miles around 10,000 feet of elevation.  I hit all the weather types…sunny and warm, very windy, cold, hail, rain.  I’ll take you on a short tour with me.

This is heading into the mining village of Leadville…home of the Leadville running and mountain bike events.

Abandoned Mining Town

I made it to Leadville…headwind the whole way…in 2.5 hours for a whopping 37 miles.  I went from about 7,300 to 10,150 feet of elevation.  I got there just as storm #1 rolled in.  I hung out at the grocery store till it passed and resumed 20 minutes later on wet roads.  I got to descend a little bit, and then hit the next high point of the ride.  This was Pass #3 after Battle Mountain Pass and Tennessee Pass.  Pass #4 would be Vail Pass.

Freemont Pass

I got down the mountain into the resort town and ski village of Copper Mountain.  From here it was hop on the bike path to Vail and Avon.  Since Amy is not around, I had to do my own video.  I was riding at the time.  There are two for you.

YouTube Preview Image

This next one is right before storm #2 rolled in.  For the first time ever, I thought that I was going to be blown off the road.  It didn’t help that the ‘road’ was an 8 foot wide bike path.  But, I rolled on.  I saw on twitter where a certain world champion was blown off the road the same day while training in Boulder and had to be picked up.  More on being picked up later…

YouTube Preview Image

Right around the time the second video was shot I was pretty near the top of Vail Pass at 10,600 or so.  The next hour was a downhill ride that we had done the day before, but this time with a twist.  I had figured on a tailwind.  That would come, but it wouldn’t be until I had descended most of the pass.  My bike path downhill white knuckle descent was not as joyful as it should have been with the head and crosswind buffeting me around.  And, it got even better…

YouTube Preview Image

I really thought that for the first time ever…I was going to have to make a call to be picked up.  Little did I know that Brad was at the top of the Beaver Creek Ski Resort on his mountain bike hiding under a tree of his own watching the hail come down.  So, I went from an epic race to Colorado where I got an epic ride.  It’s off to Switzerland soon, and I’m sure I’ll ride some more hills there…

Ride stats were 90 miles, 5:10 not including 2 weather stops and 1 coffee stop, 6800 feet of elevation gain, Max temp of 80F and Min temp of 50F, hail, wind, rain.

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