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Keep TX Wild…Let’s go Run « Brandon Marsh's Blog


Keep TX Wild…Let’s go Run

So, I am here in Switzerland.  I should have blogged this a week or so ago.  I took you all on  a ride with me when I was in Vail, Colorado.  I decided on the road trip home that I would swing by Palo Duro Canyon, just south of Amarillo.  Next time, maybe I’ll hit the Cadillac Ranch near Amarillo.

Palo Duro is a bit of an anomaly in the Panhandle Plains of Texas.  One of my two loyal followers here suggested that I tie everything to Texas…kind of like in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  Not that everything there can be tied to Texas, but if you have seen the movie then you will know that ALL words can be tied to Greek.  Anyway, this was Saturday after Lubbock…so just a week after the 70.3.

So, I started running…and even though we were in Texas, no horses were allowed here.

Yep, Even in TX...No Horses on this trail

Before I get to the video, a little bit of where I am running, and where I am going…

Could be Sedona Arizona

You can’t see it, but way across the canyon, I am running to Lighthouse Peak…

Lighthouse Peak View

And now to go for a bit of a run!

YouTube Preview Image

And I have pretty much made it to my destination at this point in the run!

YouTube Preview Image

I’m not quite done yet, but close to it.  This is the end of the run.  I’ve run out of water, and just in time.  It was freakin’ warm out there.

YouTube Preview Image

So, there you go.  We went for a bike ride last week, a run this week.  Who knows what next week will hold.  I’ve got an idea or two…and when Amy finishes Ironman Switzerland, we can get back to the ‘what are you doing’ videos.

Canyon in the Panhandle Plains

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