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Rev3 South Carolina Preview « Brandon Marsh's Blog


Rev3 South Carolina Preview

Here we are again.  I feel like I’m one of the few pros NOT in Kona right now.  And I say that because even if they aren’t racing in Kona, it sure seems like there are a ton of pros out there.  Seems to get bigger and bigger every year.  Instead of getting on a plane and heading West, way west, I am getting on a plane and heading East.  I’m headed to Anderson, South Carolina for the final event in the Revolution3 Series of races.  This will be my second Rev3 race to attend.  I went into my first Rev3 race, the Cedar Point Iron-Distance event, very fit.  But, about 4 days before the race I was pretty sick never straying too far from the toilet!!  So, my first race was a DNF.

Since being in Austin it took a good week or two to actually get back to feeling normal and having some good workouts.  I find myself on the upwards trajectory again.  We’ll see how it goes!!

So, tomorrow morning it is off to South Carolina for the Half-Rev they call it.  The timing of this race is good since I have had a late start to the season.  The field is a big one…seems those pros who are NOT in Kona are going to head to Anderson.  So, it will be a big pro field.  Scott and I will be there wearing the TeamTBB USA colors.

I tried to find some good youtube videos for the blog.  My buddy Jeff4 has pretty much been spamming my TBB forum with youtube videos, but I have not yet had the chance to watch them all.  So, being a musical fan, I also searched for South Carolina music.  Seems the most popular band to come out of S.C. is Hootie and the Blowfish…and now that Darius has gone on to the country charts, Hootie is no longer a blowfish.  But, The Marshall Tucker Band is from Spartanburg, S.C..  So, for your musical enjoyment…The Marshall Tucker Band…

YouTube Preview Image

And to further your musical enjoyment…a remake featuring Kid Rock and the Zach Brown Band…not to be confused with Charlie Brown…

YouTube Preview Image

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