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IM MOzumel

Friday, November 25th, 2011

Just another attempt to not only annoy you with the weekly blogs, but to annoy you with the MOvember references.  So, you can wait until the race photos come out, or you can wait on the results, or you can wait on the race post race photos at the end of MOvember, but just donate to my MOspace.  Here, for at least the third time is a LINK.  At the time of writing…a couple of days before it hit the site…I was at about $305 of my $1,000 goal.  Our team of International MO-All Stars was short of the team goal of $10,000.

So, while you read this, I will be hanging out South of the Border in Cozumel, Mexico.  This is my first trip south of the border to do a race longer than an Olympic distance race.  I left Austin on Amy’s Birthday.  AND, I am missing what she likes to call Thanks-for-Giving-Amy Day since she was a Thanksgiving Baby.  All of that to say, that it had better be a good day!!

As mentioned on the race preview, the field is a good one with several of the top-10 from last year as well as several other additions.  As is customary, we won’t know until race morning as to who will actually be starting.  My goal is simple…have a good race.  This year has been very up and down with some things pointing to great races and others that have just not gone well.  Back at the end of June at Buffalo Springs on 4 weeks of training, when I finished I honestly felt I could just double that for an Ironman.  I was sidelined before Rev3 Cedar Point even started so that one was a bit of a disappointment as was the race in Miami.  70.3 Europeans, Alpe D’Huez, and Anderson SC were all good indicators.  So, the goal is to not look back like I just did.  The goal is to control the controllables and race my race.  When I do that, I’ll have a good race and will be able to finish the season on a high note whether it’s a win or 10th.

Stay tuned for MO.

MOre MOvember, MO-coaching, and MO-bikes for MO-kids

Friday, November 18th, 2011

I got a race report from one of my athletes the other day.  He recently completed Ironman Florida in sub-10:40 or so.  We hadn’t talked specifically about his goals, but I knew that he had one or two…in fact, I encourage athletes to have 3 goals: a stretch goal, a walk away happy but not satisfied goal, and a well at least it was completed goal.  Mike came to me as a result of me coaching three other Mikes…mostly two.  I just threw the third one in there because in reality I was at one time coaching 4 Mikes.  But, he was good friends with two of them and so the story goes.  His race report was billed as a bit less of a race report and more of a story, and that was true.  It was motivational and inspirational.  He brought up the fact that several years ago his wife had been diagnosed with breast cancer and his journey began in late 2009 after she was 18 months clear of cancer.  So, in late 2010 Mike signed up for Ironman Florida.  It really was the story of what it means to be an “Ironman” and the legitimacy behind the brand that many shape their lives around.

Why do I write this? Because more and more we find out that everyone of us knows someone who has been directly affected by cancer.  Could also easily be written that we know someone who has been directly effected by cancer.  So, here I am again on 17 November trying to get a little bit of awareness to cancer and the month of MOvember, and yes, I am still way short of my $1,000 goal.

I don’t know who you might donate to or for or in remembrance of.  The statistics again that jump out at me are that 1 in 2 men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, a man is diagnosed with prostate cancer every 2.2 minutes, and 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime.  Kind of makes me think a bit more as I type it instead of just copy and paste it.  Off the top of my head are at least three people, and I am sure if I thought just a tad bit more it would be at least a dozen or more.

Last night Amy and I went to a bike build for ‘Bikes for Kids’ here in Austin.  We built bikes for kids who will receive them as gifts for the holiday season.  I’m sporting my ‘MO’ as you can see and will be until the end of MOvember…yes all the way through IM Cozumel.  I’ve put a couple of pictures below.  The ‘event’ is sponsored by a local MIX radio station and the Mellow Johnny’s bike shop.  I only put that blurb in there so I can make the tie in for my MO.  Because we built MObikes for MOkids last night.  I’m hoping that the kids aren’t old enough to be sporting their own MO.

So, get off your bum and go to http://mobro.co/BMoMarshTX and donate!!

Needed a hat to keep the hair out of my face...not off my face!

Yes, I checked her work...she got the brakes started and I fine tuned them!!

Unfortunately for the kids...not Cervelo Bikes!

Movember 2011

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

You would think that Amy and I sit at the computers and blog at the same time.  Well, to some extent that is true.  We sit at the kitchen table and do our online catching up and whatnot.  We generally blog about the same time as it keeps us on our toes…and keeps our three loyal readers happy.  Doubly happy I would say since they get a double dose of TeamMarsh on the TeamTBB site!!  Well, you read Scott’s blogs and can see that we did get in some good training.  Maybe too good as my last race was me showing up having left my legs in Austin on the roads and on the track.  So, we’ll just say that I am headed to Cozumel in about three weeks for a some margaritas and a little race.  Don’t tell my Baptist upbringing that some tequila may be involved though.  Certainly post race.  I’m going with Ken Glah’s travel group so hopefully all will be stress free.

More importantly, it is now Movember, the month previously known as November.  I could cut and paste the verbiage about Movember, but instead, I will just cut and paste the statistics.  I am raising money to bring awareness to men’s health, prostate cancer in particular…

- 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime

- A man is diagnosed with prostate cancer every 2.2 minutes

- 1 in 2 men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime

- 24% of men are less likely to go the doctor compared to women

- 95% of cancers are thought to be environmental.

So there you have it, some sobering statistics.  I have joined a ‘team’ this year…made mostly of triathletes.  If you would like to donate to the team, you can.  Of course, I would prefer that you donate to me.  My goal is to raise $1,000.  Why $1,000? Because that is the minimum amount of prize money paid out at Ironman Cozumel at the end of the month.  And, it’s a nice round number.  I have to get started on this.  My ‘mospace’ is here…http://mobro.co/BMoMarshTX.  Just click the big button that says ‘Donate to me’.

Now, for your viewing enjoyment a few pictures…

2010 Movember Final Picture...professionally done!

Here we are back in April mostly clean shaven...going with the sunglasses look

6 days in, haven't decided on the 'style' yet, but working on it...sunglasses

So, I’ll be sporting my Movember mutstache at Ironman Cozumel.  According to John Cobb, there really isn’t an aero penalty for a mustache or beard.  If I could pull it off, Amy would really like the following style, but clearly I do NOT have it…

Amy really likes this look