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IM MOzumel

Just another attempt to not only annoy you with the weekly blogs, but to annoy you with the MOvember references.  So, you can wait until the race photos come out, or you can wait on the results, or you can wait on the race post race photos at the end of MOvember, but just donate to my MOspace.  Here, for at least the third time is a LINK.  At the time of writing…a couple of days before it hit the site…I was at about $305 of my $1,000 goal.  Our team of International MO-All Stars was short of the team goal of $10,000.

So, while you read this, I will be hanging out South of the Border in Cozumel, Mexico.  This is my first trip south of the border to do a race longer than an Olympic distance race.  I left Austin on Amy’s Birthday.  AND, I am missing what she likes to call Thanks-for-Giving-Amy Day since she was a Thanksgiving Baby.  All of that to say, that it had better be a good day!!

As mentioned on the race preview, the field is a good one with several of the top-10 from last year as well as several other additions.  As is customary, we won’t know until race morning as to who will actually be starting.  My goal is simple…have a good race.  This year has been very up and down with some things pointing to great races and others that have just not gone well.  Back at the end of June at Buffalo Springs on 4 weeks of training, when I finished I honestly felt I could just double that for an Ironman.  I was sidelined before Rev3 Cedar Point even started so that one was a bit of a disappointment as was the race in Miami.  70.3 Europeans, Alpe D’Huez, and Anderson SC were all good indicators.  So, the goal is to not look back like I just did.  The goal is to control the controllables and race my race.  When I do that, I’ll have a good race and will be able to finish the season on a high note whether it’s a win or 10th.

Stay tuned for MO.

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