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SE Asia, First Impressions

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

I thought I would give some first impressions.  I have not been to SouthEast Asia before.  I did a world up in Ishigaki, Japan, but I do not know if that counts or not.  And, this will be my first time to be here for more than a week or so.  It took three flight legs from Austin to get to Singapore and about 25 or so hours in planes not counting the layovers.

Singapore, or at least what I saw of it, was a very nice and modern city.  Some might say manufactured even.  You can definitely tell that it is a financial capital of sorts.  Kind of like Dallas, TX only it is a country unto itself.  Actually, probably like a combo of Dallas, Chicago, and New York.  I did a couple of runs along the waterfront where there were probably 100 or more ships lined up to port…either waiting on a load or had probably just dropped off a load.  We did a couple of swims in one of the many pools in the country.  The 2nd was a 3k or so swim in the Katong pool, which was actually 2 50m pools.  One had 8 lanes and was between about 4 and 6 feet deep.  The other might have had 8 lanes, but was probably 6 lanes, and it was between about 2.5 and 3.5 feet deep.

We ate at a few places while there.  The first night we walked over to East Coast Park and went to the Food Rendezvous or something like that.  There were probably 50 or more “hawkers” there trying to convince us that their food was the best.  We kind of went the safe route and went with some Chicken wings, chicken and pork satay, and rice.  We did try some type of “dessert”, but I use that term loosely because it was a shaved ice with corn and beans in it as well as chocolate syrup and peanuts.  I am not sure what the corn and beans were all about.

After a visit to the Bike Boutique store the next day it was a food court.  Very similar to the night before.  Everything had a picture of what you could order, and honestly it all kind of looked the same.  We played it safe again with some chicken and rice dishes.  Mine was pretty spicy.  Amys was not as much.

Amy took some pictures that I hope she posts.

That is enough for now, off to bed as tomorrow is the first day of camp for us.  Second impressions tomorrow…Krabi.