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Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

well it’s been 10 days since Geelong 70.3 and it feels so long ago now. Training has been going great, and the race has sent me up another level. I always find it weird that the day after a half ironman I can swim awesome, it’s Always baffled me as I’m tired, sore and stiff but once warmed up can still swim great. Friends of mine say the same, weird.
Anyway the weather here has been very similar to subic bay, hot, humid and always raining. I know this because I check subic’s weather every day. I read All the teams blogs and kinda wish I was there already, as sounds like everyones having a good time training hard, but it won’t be long before I am there.
The Ozzie national long course champs is on this weekend, and I wanted to do it but we’ve deceided to skip it as I got a bit of travel coming up the following weekend so with only 6 1/2 weeks from port maq ironman thought it best to stay home and keep the training going. Plus my daughter wants to train too, as she got her new bike the other day. The one she got at Xmas had something wrong with the bottom bracket so this time we went with the ceramic bearings haha, so will spend some time watching her go wild on the bike this weekend. She still doesn’t understand though why she can’t ride to the gold coast(100km away)! 3 years old.

Geelong 70.3

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

Well 1st race of the season has been run and won. The first race of the season is always a bit strange as you never really know how well your going as racing is always so different to training. I new I was pretty fit, but unfortunately I stirred up an old injury 10days out, which scared me alot, as I lost 6months of running last year to it. Luckily this year I have Brett to calm me down and look after it, so I shut down the running and we went into the race with a plan to work the swim/bike and see how far I could get on the run without pain.

The swim went well, and I sat in second place for the whole way. There is a little climb imediately on the bike and I managed to ride away from the group but could only get about 30sec gap before looking behind to see, Craig “crowie”Alexander, Paul”Barny”Mathews,Luke Bell, and David Dellow chasing me. So I went back to group only to sit on front of them for 90% of the ride. Sometimes I’d gap them a bit but never had the legs to go on with it, the race was run under ITU rules of 7metre draft zone which was real weird as it was WTC 70.3 race which use a 10metre rule. Everyone abided but the 7m rule, so that was good, but makes it hard to get away.

I entered T2 and was 1st onto the run with crowie in hot pursuit. After 500m I had a chuckle to myself as I ran momentarily side by side with the world champ that having not run for 10days this was a weird place to be testing an injury so I backed off and cruised. At the 13km mark I still had no pain in leg and was stoked with how it was feeling and was still in 6th place, so I thought great I can now push it so I did and must of jinxed myself because after 400m it started to hurt :( so I shut it down, and shuffled and walked the rest of way.

Great news is it feels no worse for doing the race, and as I write this, the morning after it is also no worse. So the race for me was not a result sucsess but I am really happy to get a great swim/bike workout in race conditions, and to my suprise I ran/walked/shuffled a 1:30. yeah real slow I know for a half but opened my eyes to how super slow Ironman running really is, as if I double 1:30 it’s 3:00hrs. and that’s 12min quicker than my PB!!!!

So now it’s back to training, and not sure which race I am up for next, maybe Husskinson, which is the Australian Long Course Champs, which suits me as it’s a 3km swim, instead of usual 1.9km and the bike is very undulating and rough road. I know Craig Alexander is racing it, and would love to race him again as there is nothing better than gauging yourself against the top, but I haven’t even talked to Brett about it. But one thing is locked in and that is I’ll be going to Subic Bay on the 1st march for the team training camp. I’m looking foward to it so much.

Sorry to end on sad note, but on race morning we were greeted with the news that 65people were killed in bushfires the day before the race in the surrounding areas, the day before race it was the hottest ever recorded tempreture for melboure at 46degrees and the wind was incredible. The absolute worst conditions for fires. There was a massive cool change night before race which brought it to 21degrees but still real windy. This morning even worse news that the death toll is now 108people with 160 unaccountated for. devastating…….