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Singapore 70.3

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

well I have just finished the Singapore 70.3 for 2009. I went into this race with two objectives set by the boss. 1) get a good effort out in preperation for ironman Australia which is only two weeks away and 2) don’t hurt my achillies and foot injury, so shuffle run:(.

The swim went well despite getting bogged down at first turn where I was 2nd and giving myself a hard chase for next 400m to get back onto 1st place feet. The pace then slowed quite a bit so I rested and began thinking of the bike. I was first onto bike and put in a effort straight away to break away but at top of climb I had macca, crowie, rei, Simon Thompson and pete Jacobs tagged on. So went to plan B on bike wait till 60km for an attack. Until then it was just me and macca pulling turns until the base of climb on last lap where I attacked it with a bit more gusto, I managed to drop thompson and Jacobs but just didn’t have the legs today to rid myself of crowie or macca( hey they are world champions)but was stoked Rei was there. So I pounded away for the remanded of bike leg hoping that the high pace would suit rei for the run. Once onto the run I got into my shuffle mode straight away which is soooo frustrating when you want to go and have the lungs and legs to go but can’t due to injury, but I had doc’s voice in my head the whole time to slow down and be dicsiplined to protect my leg. So in the end I think I was 7th, good swim bike session despite having bad legs from the hard training this week butthis will help me when I freshen up for port maq in two weeks.
The whole weekend has been great, I love this town and the race organizers look after us so well. So thanks to all my sponsors, Alex, Brett made this weekend fun, meeting and speakng with Morgan Nicol of Oval concepts, thanks to Nick and Ali Munting, Graeme Hannan and crew. I’ll be back for sure for a 4th time and run this next time like I can!!!!!
I am tiring of the swim biker tag, I can run, I have run, so all have patience with me and I’ll show you too!!!cos it sure is testing my patience!!!!!

Thank you subic hello Singapore 3rd times a charm

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

well today I leave subic bay, where I have been based for past 3weeks. The training has gone well and its been great to meet all my new teammates even though havent got to spend extended time with many of them. I am off to Singapore for the 70.3. I have been looking foward to this race for a while now, almost impatiently. I have raced it twice before, the first time I was extremly dissapointed as I got a punture while in the lead of the front pack at the 70km mark, nearly taking the others down in the process. So a DNF.
Last year was a little better where I lead off the bike by 2min, but with limited run training was run down by the itu specialists, end result 5th.
This year I am so happy that macca and crowie are racing, yeah it will be tuff for sure but I seem to get more motivated when I race the best, they aren’t the only two in the race aswell so will be a tuff encounter, just what the doc ordered!!! Tomorrow we have an interview with ESPN which will be good but will have to get infront of mirror before it, as we don’t have one here in subic for the past 3 weeks. I even had to ride down to Bretts hotel room to shave the other week before the team photoshoot. Last night Reinaldo and I were at the local mall and he tried on some new clothes and caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror for tue first time in a week and his face was covered in bike grease!! He asked me how long it had been like that hehehe.

Rest day mecano

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

so I arrived in subic bay last Monday at midnight and have settled into my place on top of a mountain with the phillipino tri team and my ironman brother reinaldo. The accom is 10km from pool, track and shops so we are always riding up the mountain getting in extra training. It’s great being back with Brett and training with my old mate reinaldo, I used to live with him many years ago in swizerland and it’s been great fun catching up on old times and can’t beleive how much things have progressed in 5 years. Now everyone has laptops, blackberry, iPhone, wifi etc back then we thought we were up with the latest with pocketmails. Kinda like a blackberry but u put it up to a pay phone to send the message through he line. 5 years ago our bikes were aluminum or steel, now we wouldn’t be caught dead on anything but carbon…. So hopefully our performances have improved too compared to 5 years ago and we got plenty of oppotunities in next few months to prove that starting in Singapore 70.3 in 2 weeks, but some things you can count on never changing, and that’s Brett will find muscles to hurt that you never thought you had and to give u the daily reality check!!!!

Ok part two…. This is written a couple of days later because I haven’t been near wifi to send the first installment. I think I touched on the fact that I am living up the top of a 5km climb so making special trip to Internet is tuff. I am enjoying living the spartan way, and training with the group. A couple of days ago I put my new oval bars on my P3, and after a little fiddling with the position feel nice and comfy on them. Brett has also tweeked my posistion n bike and run tech in past few days to relieve pressure on my achillies which has plagued me so much last year and flared up again a month or so ago, but it is feeling great now so hopefully the changes we made will stop it rearing it’s ugly head again. I’m also running in my avia bolts now too which are helping. Well gotta go ugly betty is starting….the Pinoy edition, can’t understand a word of it but