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Friday, July 31st, 2009

The dust has certainly settled since my last block of racing. When I got home to Australia I had to get something sorted out…….something that has been troubling me for about 3 years, and if your reading this and ride a bike you possibly will have experienced it before or know of someone who has but maybe not to this extent hehehe.

In the theme of team tbb and this website of being a totally honest/transperent operation I’ll let you all in if you promise not to make me the “butt” of your jokes…..and yes I wear good knicks, yes I use chamios cream, yes assos, yes I am higenic, yes,yes,yes!!! . I have had some major problems with saddle sores, or more specific “a” saddle sore. Training on the bike has been at it’s worst, pure agony, and at it’s best just dam annoying. I can’t believe I’ve put up with it for this long. I’ve been getting by for the past few years by using an anasethic cream for racing which took away the pain but this year I’ve already had two blood infections from it and I was thinking it was only a matter of time that I would end up in hospital from it and besides I’m sick of taking anitbiotics.

So a few months ago, Brett earmarked this as the best time to get it done so as not to disrupt my season. It kinda falls into a gap where I have no scheduled races. So early last week I fronted up to have my neither regions sliced and diced. The surgery went well, was painless, and well the problem bit….think golf ball is now gone!!! I get the stitches out in a couple of days, so should be back on the bike by the end of next week.

So with a little bit of down time I caught up with some friends, watched a few stages of the tour de france (10pm-1pm oz time) and even went to the movies twice, which probably equals my yearly record!!!The movies were Hannah Montana – my 3year old daughters favourite. She was quite a handful after as I got a huge coke, like 1litre and popcorn and half way through the movie I went to grab the drink and it was gone, Amelia had grabbed it and guzzled as much as she could while Dad wasn’t watching. Needless to say, she was high on sugar and caffiene for the rest of the day!!! The other movie was The Hangover, which I can recommend, was pretty funny, if your into stupid funny which I am.

The next “Race” I’m doing is an open water swim on the Sunshine Coast. It is for charity and is 11km and I’m in a team of 3. The idea of the race is like a relay so we can swim 100m at a time each or 1km at a time, but one on the team members is the morning breakfast radio host and doesn’t swim, so I’m thinking maybe he’ll do 100m and I’ll do 10.9km. Anyway, it’s going to be fun, so long as we have a big shot gun in the boat and keep a look out for sharks!!!hehehe Oh by the way it’s 11km out to sea as it finishes on an off shore Island.

I’m not 100% sure on my next true race, but there are a few on the cards so will let you all know when it is all confirmed.

I should also give a mate a shout out, I wrote about him the other month about his insane swim training and dedication, well it paid off and he pulled a silver the other day in the 25km (5hours and a bit)open water race in Rome. His first ever race over 10km. Oh and I think this race was on Saturday in Rome, well he was back in the pool in Australia training on Wednesday!!!! No rest for the wicked… Ok Ok so I should also give a shout out to another training mate here in oz to who finally broke Ian Thorpes 200m IM ozzie record last night. 1:56 to Ian’s 1:57 but not sure what suit he wore ;) hehehehe.

Cam Watt 2 outta 3…..again:(

Monday, July 13th, 2009

well yesterday didn’t really go to plan. My conditon is great on swim and bike and since finishing IM Japan 3 weeks ago with no pain at all in my achillies I trained well and looked foward to improving the run…ok not a proper run time, but off the run training I’d done, enough to win the race.

The swim went ok, was real rough surf conditons that obviously doesn’t worry me coming from Australia. Myself and Jan Rehula broke away instantly and did a good job I thought of negotiating the currents, waves and navigation. Although with 200m to swim Jan pulls this awesome wave and flys right by me so opens up 1min lead on me just like that….that’s surf for you, I’ve watched 1million hours of it to know most times its just luck but Jan is very good in surf having lived in Manly beach,Australia for a long time body surfing.

Once onto the bike I felt average to start, but worked into it and knew the harder parts would start at halfway. I got a split at 50km and was 5min!!!now behind Jan, but we then turned into psyco headwind and hills now and I went by Jan just before 90km. Not long after this is where the course got really ugly, the wind was just insane, dangerous insane and I was waiting for an official to tell me the race was cancelled, but I pushed on, then we entered this thick fog, I couldn’t see more than 30m infront and descending on wet roads not knowing the course was scary as hell especially when all of a sudden you would pass an intersection not knowing if they had stopped the cars as being first through and not being able to actually see me coming until it was too late, so I had to go soooo slow and never on the tribars. Eventually the fog cleared as we got back down the mountain but then the crosswinds began to be real bad again, again no tribars, and not really racing, more just survival to not crash. Thoughts went to a guy, Paul Crake, an aussie pro cyclist who was blown off the road a few years ago in a race and became paraplegic, so now can easily see how that happened. The last 30km I went into a hole as for the last 50k I hadn’t been able to eat or drink much at all due to not being able to let go of the handle bars.
I got off with about 10min lead to Jan and what looked like 30min or more to third. My energy returned and actually felt like I was running ok pace in parts, but after about 12km my calf and achillies started to nag, I tried not to worry about it but it continued, so I started to walk a bit and thought maybe it would loosen up. I started to run again but it was still there, by this stage Jan went past me, but I wasn’t too concerned about that as I thought if I can walk/shuffle I’ll still get 2nd but it was getting worse and so I just walked. After 14km of walking(loooonnnnnggg time) I got in contact with the race director to see if they are putting into effect the 10% rule for prizemoneny(if you dont come within 10% of the 2nd places time no prizemoney) and he said yes for sure. So that was it and I pulled out. Didn’t see the use of walking another 14km just to say I finished, sure I would of if my leg didn’t hurt and I was just tired, but to risk damaging it more and just to say I’m tuff, that ain’t me, I’ve lost enough run training in past 2 years (12months all up) to go though more time off. If I sound a little depressed, well that’s cos I am, when you train so hard, and have all the skills to be fighting at the front on the world stage, but injury is holding you back it can really piss you off. I know many have it tuffer and many have it the same as me so I just have to keep on keeping on.
On a positive note, Jeju Island is beautiful, as a training venue I can easily see it being ideal, especially for hawaii Ironman, I mean how much better could it get being able to go to Hawaii and know that you’ve trained in hotter, hillier, windier place!!!!
Congrats also to the Wongstar, that was a great race, for a “non” swimmer these conditions would of been extremely daunting.
Also Jan Rehula has looked after us really well, he is of course a true sutto sucsess story and although he coaches the Korean National team now, believe me he still trains alot, a real lot. How about waking up race morning and feeling too full still from dinner the night before???hmmm what to do, I know myself, I’d think well it won’t be a problem I’ll burn through that tody I’m pretty sure. Not Jan, he jumps on the treadmill for a light 6.5km run warm up!!!!!!!!!!!
Also, this morning my achillies feels not too bad, but my lower calf is sore and tender, so I think my crack diagnosise is I might of slightly strained/torn my calf. obviously not too bad though as I can still walk on it easily, so hopefully not too much of a setback and hopefully something seperate to the achillies that has plagued my season so far.
Ok off to swim training now bye bye.

Cam Watt Ironman Jeju Korea

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

I leave oz again in the morning headed to Jeju Island, Korea for the 10th anniversary of the Ironman there. Although no longer an official M Dot Ironman anymore it is still the same course etc as the old Ironman Korea.

I’m looking foward to getting there as I’ve heard such good things about this place as it’s the venue of the TBB pre Hawaii training camp, and Rei has told me about it also from his pre Olympic camp there too. I also have friends that have done the old Ironman Korea and tell of how brutal the heat is in the run, well I’m prepared mentally for it but don’t think it will be that bad as it used to be held in August not July.

The body is in great condition after Japan Ironman, and after having the week after that race pretty easy, this past week I’ve been abole to put in some pretty hard training, done some good work in the pool with the swimmers finishing off there worlds prep, done some tuff riding in the hills including a smash fest last sunday up and down the sunshine coast hinterland with the sunny coast crew and well more running solo, but my biggest week since January!!!!

I’m not sure who’s racing other than the Wongstar, and Korea’s favourite athlete Park Bung Houng. Park is great, he;s had some great podiums in Ironmans over the last 10years and has run a 2:19 marathon(not in tri) but he is an aweful swimmer. When he’s in the race though you can never give up as you know he won’t and he’ll be doing his all to catch you by the end. In Japan I put 12min!!! into him in the swim, another 11min on the bike but at 38km of the run I got a tap on the bum from him as he ran by!!!! I’ve raced Park 3 times this year, it’s 2-1 to me, but he’s so funny he loves to smack talk before the race. He cracks me up.

I can’t wait for the rematch hehehehe So the goals for this weekend,
1) Build on my Japan race……ie shuffle quicker hehehe
2) Beat Park
3) avoid wongstar trying to die my hair black n pink
4) act as bodygaurd to wongstar when mobbed by her 18-29 male grouppies
5) burn enough calories so that I can come back and eat and drink up at the cafe on the bike the week after the race!
6) earn enough money to buy the above coffee’s and sticky date puddings as I think it’s my shout