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Cam Watt bits n pieces

The dust has certainly settled since my last block of racing. When I got home to Australia I had to get something sorted out…….something that has been troubling me for about 3 years, and if your reading this and ride a bike you possibly will have experienced it before or know of someone who has but maybe not to this extent hehehe.

In the theme of team tbb and this website of being a totally honest/transperent operation I’ll let you all in if you promise not to make me the “butt” of your jokes…..and yes I wear good knicks, yes I use chamios cream, yes assos, yes I am higenic, yes,yes,yes!!! . I have had some major problems with saddle sores, or more specific “a” saddle sore. Training on the bike has been at it’s worst, pure agony, and at it’s best just dam annoying. I can’t believe I’ve put up with it for this long. I’ve been getting by for the past few years by using an anasethic cream for racing which took away the pain but this year I’ve already had two blood infections from it and I was thinking it was only a matter of time that I would end up in hospital from it and besides I’m sick of taking anitbiotics.

So a few months ago, Brett earmarked this as the best time to get it done so as not to disrupt my season. It kinda falls into a gap where I have no scheduled races. So early last week I fronted up to have my neither regions sliced and diced. The surgery went well, was painless, and well the problem bit….think golf ball is now gone!!! I get the stitches out in a couple of days, so should be back on the bike by the end of next week.

So with a little bit of down time I caught up with some friends, watched a few stages of the tour de france (10pm-1pm oz time) and even went to the movies twice, which probably equals my yearly record!!!The movies were Hannah Montana – my 3year old daughters favourite. She was quite a handful after as I got a huge coke, like 1litre and popcorn and half way through the movie I went to grab the drink and it was gone, Amelia had grabbed it and guzzled as much as she could while Dad wasn’t watching. Needless to say, she was high on sugar and caffiene for the rest of the day!!! The other movie was The Hangover, which I can recommend, was pretty funny, if your into stupid funny which I am.

The next “Race” I’m doing is an open water swim on the Sunshine Coast. It is for charity and is 11km and I’m in a team of 3. The idea of the race is like a relay so we can swim 100m at a time each or 1km at a time, but one on the team members is the morning breakfast radio host and doesn’t swim, so I’m thinking maybe he’ll do 100m and I’ll do 10.9km. Anyway, it’s going to be fun, so long as we have a big shot gun in the boat and keep a look out for sharks!!!hehehe Oh by the way it’s 11km out to sea as it finishes on an off shore Island.

I’m not 100% sure on my next true race, but there are a few on the cards so will let you all know when it is all confirmed.

I should also give a mate a shout out, I wrote about him the other month about his insane swim training and dedication, well it paid off and he pulled a silver the other day in the 25km (5hours and a bit)open water race in Rome. His first ever race over 10km. Oh and I think this race was on Saturday in Rome, well he was back in the pool in Australia training on Wednesday!!!! No rest for the wicked… Ok Ok so I should also give a shout out to another training mate here in oz to who finally broke Ian Thorpes 200m IM ozzie record last night. 1:56 to Ian’s 1:57 but not sure what suit he wore ;) hehehehe.

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