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11.2km is a looooong way-Cam Watt

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

Yesterday I participated in the annual McDonald’s/Hot FM Mudjimba Island Charity swim. The money raised goes to 2 special needs schools on the sunshine coast, a very worthy cause that in the past few years has enabled their classrooms to be airconditioned and the modification of their buses to accomadate the wheelchairs. I got involved through my personal sponsor Gary Binet of McDonalds who also sponsor’s the event, and even donated $6000 this year on behalf of myself and other sunshine coast triathlete Jason Crowther.
The swim isn’t timed, there is no winner and we all go off at 1minute intervals as it’s compulsory to have a support boat and surf ski with you the whole time so as you could imagine with 80 swimmers it could get a little busy out there if we all went together.
We started on the beach at mudjimba and swim approx 2km straight out to sea to a small island (think one massive 50m high rock). Once we get past the Island we make a right hand turn and head straight to Mooloolaba Beach some 9km away.
In the days before the event I was getting pretty scared about the possibilty of loosing my life to a shark as these waters are a little noturious for them but once out there I was fine and didn’t think of them at all. I was pretty surreal though being soooo far off shore, see due to a big curve in the coastline I think we would of been 6 or 7km off shore at times!!!! just swimming along in the middle of the ocean. I was so choppy too, that I didn’t see anyone else swimming the entire time except my team mate Jason who swam next to me the whole time.
Our time was just over 2hrs, by far my longest continous swim and I was pretty buggered at the finish, as I made the mistake??(or is it) of swimming the night before really hard at swim training.
It was a great event and I feel privledged to be invited to participate. Jason, my team mate was strong all the way and was a big effort for him to be there as he only lost his mother to cancer 2days before hand.
3.8k is going to feel really quick next time round hehehehe

R & D with Scody Cam Watt

Monday, August 17th, 2009

Well the last few days I have been testing alot of new racesuits for Team TBB, long legs, short legs, long arms, sleeveless, two peice, one peice, compression bits, no compression, pockets here, pockets there, thick chamios, thin chamios, wide chamios, narrow chamios, all kinds of materials too. We just about have a winner that is super comfy and designed to get us from start to finish in the quickest time possible, and looking pretty smart too ;) . I will post a pic soon of the design, although as it is proto, doesn’t have our team colours on yet.

As my update, well I am back on the bike now, 4 rides in and all’s good down below. I have been back in the water and running too for past 2 weeks and all’s good there too. I actually did a 3.8km open water race last weekend and came 5th and boy did it hurt, one because I’d only been back in the water for a week, but mostly because without the usual bike and run to follow I went absolutely nuts, it was pretty fun race, a bit like a bike race with massive all out surges for 300m complete with zigzagging etc then completely lactating and trying to recover before the next one. I got beaten by a surf ironman guy, an olympic breastroker (he did freestyle for this one;)) a 14 year old girl and a broken down old triathlete (david dellow) hehehehe.

Next weekend I’m doing a charity swim for my personal sponsor McDonalds, called the HOT FM/Macca’s Mujimba Island swim. It’s raising money for 2 special schools on the sunshine coast for disabled children with special needs. It’s 11.2km long, way further than my longest ever open water swim of 6km but I’m looking foward to it as it’s such a good cause and I’m sure there will be plenty of big mac’s for recovery ;)

Ok will be in touch soon to show the great new suit!!!!!!
Cheers Cam…..