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In the grinde

The past few weeks I’ve been knuckling down in training, working my way back into form for the upcoming racing that I have planned over the last few months of the year. I am wanting to finish the year on a high, and build on the promising start to the year that I’ve had by not giving out so freely the get outta jail cards that I’ve been handing out to my competition all year on the run.

Last weekend I got to hang out and do a ride with Scott Molina, who was over here visiting a mutual friend, for those that don’t know Scott “the Termintator” Molina was one of the big 4, a pioneer of the sport and winner of the ’88 Hawaiian Ironman. Scott is also married to Erin Baker another legend of the sport so as you can imagine I annoyed him all weekend for stories from the good old days, my favourite being about Erin’s 32:20 yep no typo, 32:20 10km PB from 1990 commonwealth games trials on the track. New Zealeands female running must of been strong then as that wasn’t enough to make the team, she was 1 place short, but still what an incredible time off what Scott said was after 5weeks training after her break after Hawaii. Scott still looks like he loves training and a bit of racing too, and you can really tell he internally enjoys it, nothing to prove, no chip on his shoulder, just loves being fit and healthy……so he can enjoy his 2 or 3 beers everyday!!!!

Last weekend the ITU world championships were on the Gold Coast, 1hour drive south of where we live. I had a lot of mates doing the age group race that I’ve helped out here and there over the past few years and despite not winning a world title all had strong races, a handful of 4ths 5ths and 6ths…But my true coaching debut, came 2nd overall in the agegroup race, the days after it were hard, thinking what did I miss out, should she have done this, should she have done that, wow it really gives you a different perspective and sympathy for what we put Brett through. I wasn’t at the race, but luckily my girlfriend was to deal with the dissapointment after the finish, and to offer the get over it and on with it message in a caring and “i’ve been here before” way ;)

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