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Cam Watt Putrajaya 70.3

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1st Racheal Paxton AUS, 2nd Katya Meyers USA, 3rd Erin O'hara NZ

1st Racheal Paxton AUS, 2nd Katya Meyers USA, 3rd Erin O'hara NZ

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Ok take two, I had already written the most awesomest blog ever seen by TBB, you name it, it had it youtube clips, pictures, soundtrack but somehow through my lack of computer skills I lost it all…hmmmm bit of a contradiction. Anyway it has taken me a few days to mentally get over the lose so here I go with the 2nd attempt……

Last Friday I ducked up to Malaysia for the inaugrual 70.3 in Putrajaya, it was a total last minute decision to do this race as it was originally planned for July but due to H1N1 pig flu virius it was postponed, and boy I was glad to come, the venue was ideal for tri’s!!!! Fresh water man made lake that was clean and used for rowing competitions, big smooth 3 lane motorways with no traffic for the bike leg(although I admit I like rough road surfaces for racing, suits me better) and a real nice run course that went beside the lake for a while before heading up in front of the parliment. The race hotel was incredible, and brand new, so new that our original room we were assigned had never been used before but unfortunately it only had king bed, and well as nice a guy Jan is we opted for another room with 2 singles. The hotel had a 25m pool and 500m walk away had an great brand new 50m outdoor pool, completely UNheated to a beautiful 30degrees!!!!!!

Having done a handfull of races in the Asian region now, I know one thing is usually guaranteed, high heat and even more humidity. I always grew up thinking Australia was hot and that were I live in Queensland was renowned for it’s high humidity but we have it easy, we may have no ozone layer so the sun is more burning, but we certainly don’t have the thick humidity like asia has and race day didn’t dissapoint, at times on the run it felt like we were water running in a spa bath!!!!

I swam very average in this race, perhaps went in a bit too cooked from the week befores training so after leading the first 1200m Jan Rehula caught up and I jumped in on his feet for the remainder of the swim. We were both keen to clear out together on the bike leg, as Leon Griffen was racing (2006 world Duathlon Champion and multiple 70.3 winner) and Domineco Passedello, former pro cyclist of Team Quickstep and tour de france fame were racing and thought they would possibly make late charges in the race. Well, that didn’t really go to plan as I’d left my bike legs behind on this trip and accidently brought my training legs that were old, arthridic, lacticy and probably cancerous by their feelings. Jan easily rode away from me after 5k, Leon caught me after 20k and at least I could keep him to 50m for 20k but then the Italian came past at 87km/h on the flat and well Leon tried to go with him for 1km and that was enough of an effort to let Leon also go outta sight. All I could do was press on with what I had on the day and towards the end of the bike I caught a glimpse of the 3 ahead already running, I thought oh my this isn’t good. I started the run a long way back, like 3min to Leon, maybe 6 to Jan and prob 8 to Passedello. Once running I felt good and got into a good tempo instantly then after 5.5km we turned and I could see that I was closing on Leon and was hoping that the heat would take it’s toll on the other 2. Well I got Leon after 13km and at the last turnaround was maybe 2min from Jan and thought if I keep pressure on in this heat he could cramp or blow up but Passedello was still a good 4min ahead. I got to the finish line, thinking Passedello had won but Jan ran strong the last 5k and caught him 400 from the line with me coming in 3rd still 2min down.

So I was happy to finish the day on a good note after usually all year finishing the races sour. It’s true, a mate of mine always says if you have a good run you always feel good after your race because you finished strong, whereas if you have a blinder swim/bike but run bad your always left with a bad taste in your mouth.

Highlights for the weekend were;
TBB dinner with LC, Bean, Emma and the KL mechanics, Bliss and Mi Sook(apologies for spelling?) and their daughter Hanna
Watching the girl I coach win her first pro race ( well mixed as you don’t like your team mates being beaten)
Killing time all monday after checking out when your flight doesn’t leave till 10:30pm but them’s the break’s when ya trying to do it on the cheap, at least the company was great thanks Rach and Katya!!!

Next up the Scody Port Macquarie Half Ironman on November 1st where I’ll be wanting to defend my title from last year, it won’t be easy, but looking foward to the race, my favourite course for sure.

Racing is all……..

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