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Cam Watt D minus

port-half-nov-0915563_167661654421_723424421_2963293_4912047_swell what can I say, I didn’t have a good race in Port Macquarie Half, not entirely sure why but do know my energy and legs left me 1/3rd of the way into the bike never to return.

I led the swim out comfortably with a 1min lead over the chaser’s, the game plan was then to ride moderate to the first turnaround at 22km, then see if Brian Fuller or Adam Hollborrow were coming across and then to ride with them. After about 20k I was joined by these two and the pace was high, we got a time check on Tim Berkel’s group of 3:30min at 40k which I was thinking at that rate would be 6 or 7min after 90k but alas I was totally empty up the climb of matthew flinders drive and for the next 20k rolled around being bitter with life. I jumped on berkels group and thought I gotta finish this race no matter what for training, for Tavis my friend who died recently and for the port crowd who despite being ridicoulusly parochial towards Berkel continued to cheer me none stop to the finish line. Anyway I got dumped by berkels group after 70k and cruised in, tried to do a solid run and failed miserably with that too.
SO where to from here, days before I was thinking I was in unbelievalbe shape, on another level to the field I was up against, so to change much because of one bad race might be throwing the baby out with the bath water, busso ironman is 5weeks away so I push on.

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