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Cam Watt report card 09

hi all, i’ve been offline for a while now, with everything.
Since Port Macquarie Half Ironman I kinda ended my season, I was surely flying in training before this race, but I guess I got hit by a few bombshells too many in the week of the race and must of had a bit of a virus too as I couldn’t get outta bed after that with a resting HR of 85 for a week. So I took this downtime to get some surgery, to fix a few things and take a small rest. I was busy, and having fun as I spent 3 weekends in a row renovating a friends house, she recently lost her husband and the sunshine coast community of cyclists and triathletes all joined in and we pretty much stripped the house and garden back to bare and did it all up. It was great to be part of such a wonderful project, one afternoon, I was digging holes with AJ (andrew johns) and we were saying how good it was working in great weather, with great mates, shooting the breeze with each other doing something we are not used to doing. We were well feed at smoko and lunch and despite the hard work, I put on 6kg in 3weeks!!!!
During this period, I’ve been pondering my future alot, not only my future but my families future also. Having been injured on and off for past 2years has weighed heavily on me, It’s not easy on the mind not being able to race to your potenial, and well I kinda need money and provide for my family and when your injured it’s pretty hard to do, especialy in triathlon. So there has been dark periods being bitter about triathlon, about the sport about the what if’s etc etc.
So I got back into training anyway, as I had 2 weekend camps that I had commited to a long time ago to be on held by a mate of mine. These camps were insane volume over the weekend, and run off in a race style format, loosely, as they had points on the top of the climbs that would detemine the winner, with yellow jersey and all.
Anyway, I prepared by doing 2 x 3hr rides in the week before it, then bang straight into camp
FRI Night run 7.5km, swim 2km TT, run 7.5km
Sat Bike 230km (2500m elevation)
run 12km
Sun bike 200km (really lumpy again)
run 12km

then repeat the following weekend.
Well after a month of hateing the sport, strangely somewhere out in the middle of nowhere with sore legs, actually sore everything, hungry and tired, I learnt that I do love this sport, for the reasons I still don’t understand or will try too, I Just Do.
So next season I’m not 100% what my schedule will be like yet, I just want to get through the next months training and see where I’m at. I’ve been invited to race in INdia in Feb, and have entrered the rich Abu Dhabi race in March but other than that nothing else.
So end of year requires evaluation and despite not being able to run much at all this year, I’m pretty happy with the way I was able to still do races and provide my sponsors with value.

3 Ironmans, first off bike all 3
3 70.3′s first off bike in 2, and podium in 1
3rd Malaysia 70.3
7th ironman japan
5th Itu Long Course Asian champs
10th Noumea Olympic distance
Singapore 70.3 6th
Geelong 70.3 12th
port mac half 10th

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