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Cam Watt report card 09

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

hi all, i’ve been offline for a while now, with everything.
Since Port Macquarie Half Ironman I kinda ended my season, I was surely flying in training before this race, but I guess I got hit by a few bombshells too many in the week of the race and must of had a bit of a virus too as I couldn’t get outta bed after that with a resting HR of 85 for a week. So I took this downtime to get some surgery, to fix a few things and take a small rest. I was busy, and having fun as I spent 3 weekends in a row renovating a friends house, she recently lost her husband and the sunshine coast community of cyclists and triathletes all joined in and we pretty much stripped the house and garden back to bare and did it all up. It was great to be part of such a wonderful project, one afternoon, I was digging holes with AJ (andrew johns) and we were saying how good it was working in great weather, with great mates, shooting the breeze with each other doing something we are not used to doing. We were well feed at smoko and lunch and despite the hard work, I put on 6kg in 3weeks!!!!
During this period, I’ve been pondering my future alot, not only my future but my families future also. Having been injured on and off for past 2years has weighed heavily on me, It’s not easy on the mind not being able to race to your potenial, and well I kinda need money and provide for my family and when your injured it’s pretty hard to do, especialy in triathlon. So there has been dark periods being bitter about triathlon, about the sport about the what if’s etc etc.
So I got back into training anyway, as I had 2 weekend camps that I had commited to a long time ago to be on held by a mate of mine. These camps were insane volume over the weekend, and run off in a race style format, loosely, as they had points on the top of the climbs that would detemine the winner, with yellow jersey and all.
Anyway, I prepared by doing 2 x 3hr rides in the week before it, then bang straight into camp
FRI Night run 7.5km, swim 2km TT, run 7.5km
Sat Bike 230km (2500m elevation)
run 12km
Sun bike 200km (really lumpy again)
run 12km

then repeat the following weekend.
Well after a month of hateing the sport, strangely somewhere out in the middle of nowhere with sore legs, actually sore everything, hungry and tired, I learnt that I do love this sport, for the reasons I still don’t understand or will try too, I Just Do.
So next season I’m not 100% what my schedule will be like yet, I just want to get through the next months training and see where I’m at. I’ve been invited to race in INdia in Feb, and have entrered the rich Abu Dhabi race in March but other than that nothing else.
So end of year requires evaluation and despite not being able to run much at all this year, I’m pretty happy with the way I was able to still do races and provide my sponsors with value.

3 Ironmans, first off bike all 3
3 70.3′s first off bike in 2, and podium in 1
3rd Malaysia 70.3
7th ironman japan
5th Itu Long Course Asian champs
10th Noumea Olympic distance
Singapore 70.3 6th
Geelong 70.3 12th
port mac half 10th

Cam Watt D minus

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

port-half-nov-0915563_167661654421_723424421_2963293_4912047_swell what can I say, I didn’t have a good race in Port Macquarie Half, not entirely sure why but do know my energy and legs left me 1/3rd of the way into the bike never to return.

I led the swim out comfortably with a 1min lead over the chaser’s, the game plan was then to ride moderate to the first turnaround at 22km, then see if Brian Fuller or Adam Hollborrow were coming across and then to ride with them. After about 20k I was joined by these two and the pace was high, we got a time check on Tim Berkel’s group of 3:30min at 40k which I was thinking at that rate would be 6 or 7min after 90k but alas I was totally empty up the climb of matthew flinders drive and for the next 20k rolled around being bitter with life. I jumped on berkels group and thought I gotta finish this race no matter what for training, for Tavis my friend who died recently and for the port crowd who despite being ridicoulusly parochial towards Berkel continued to cheer me none stop to the finish line. Anyway I got dumped by berkels group after 70k and cruised in, tried to do a solid run and failed miserably with that too.
SO where to from here, days before I was thinking I was in unbelievalbe shape, on another level to the field I was up against, so to change much because of one bad race might be throwing the baby out with the bath water, busso ironman is 5weeks away so I push on.

Cam Watt Port Macquarie Half

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Pics below are from 2008 race…..

2008 Port Macquarie riding to victory in 08This weekend I’m racing the Scody Half Ironman in Port Macquarie, home of Ironman Australia. I won this race this year and am surely going back to try and take it out again, a little faster than last year too would be nice. The course is over a lot of the Ironman course which is quit undulating and rough road, there is one steep hill on each lap of the bike which the crowd usually gets behind you and cheers, which is cool because you are riding at walking pace up it so they really get in your ear. A few years ago, I dropped my chain half way up it and had to get off and walk a bit to get chain back on and was really hard to get going again because it’s so steep and the crowd were going nuts because they thought I was walking because I was too tired to ride, so when I got going they were sooo pumped, they didn’t realise I;d just dropped my chain, and my friend steve hackett was behind me and saw it all and said he nearly fell off laughing.
Anyway, I’m always very careful of changing from big to little chainring there ever since, and I figure I’ve ridden that section 100 times since so I think I’ve got it down pat now.

My training has been going great since the Malaysian 70.3, all three sports have been on a steep uphill of improvement with no sign of the top yet so with 5 weeks to go till Ironman Busselton things are looking good for a strong showing. I’ve been swimming with the swimmers in my squad, which has been great, we’ve had a nice little crew in the distance lane of guys that are 5k and 10k guys. I’ve been doing some great running and track sets with a mate, and yesterday we even had some quick guys with us, one of which has top ten’d comrades marathon in SA a few times, I think he might of come 6th or 7th a few times, James or Bean could probably know him. I’ve also been running a little with one of Lydiards former pupils, he’s a Kiwi and well he’s a little older now then when he was at his peak but has a 2:25 PB for the marathon and says he was the worst of the NZ lydiard crew, he said he was fat and didn’t train hard, only 160k a week!!!!! The most training I’ve been doing with is my mate Wayno who is an agegrouper, who has been a real help, Wayno is a massuer and massages all the olympians in my swim squad and he’s been pushing me heaps on a few of the bike and run sets especially when I’m tired from the accumulated fatigue. It’s alway nice to finish a hard session and get the legs flushed out with a rub straight away too, I’ve got

On a really sad note, last friday I received devastating news that my good friend Tavis Johannsen owner of the Cyclezone bike shop of Mooloolaba died in his sleep. Tavis was 42 and a picture of health, he did triathlons recreationally, wasn’t overweight, and has a beautiful wife Fiona and 2 young children Sofie, 9 and Lani, 6. His sudden death has hit me really hard, we were good friends and our children get on so well they refered to each other as sisters. He was great friends with AJ and Lisbeth too, and was possibly going to make his shop a TBB store 14months ago when he opened, only the timing was out.
I learnt so much from Tavis, the kinda guy who displayed so many good traits that I aspire to have myself.

Cam Watt Putrajaya 70.3

Friday, October 9th, 2009
YouTube Preview Image<[/youtube]img src=”http://blogs.teamtbb.com/cameronwatt/files/2009/10/finish-interview-300×200.jpg” alt=”finish-interview” title=”finish-interview” width=”300″ height=”200″ class=”aligncenter size-medium wp-image-49″ />race-hotel
1st Racheal Paxton AUS, 2nd Katya Meyers USA, 3rd Erin O'hara NZ

1st Racheal Paxton AUS, 2nd Katya Meyers USA, 3rd Erin O'hara NZ

[caption id="attachment_46" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Men\'s Podium"]Men's Podium[/caption]

Ok take two, I had already written the most awesomest blog ever seen by TBB, you name it, it had it youtube clips, pictures, soundtrack but somehow through my lack of computer skills I lost it all…hmmmm bit of a contradiction. Anyway it has taken me a few days to mentally get over the lose so here I go with the 2nd attempt……

Last Friday I ducked up to Malaysia for the inaugrual 70.3 in Putrajaya, it was a total last minute decision to do this race as it was originally planned for July but due to H1N1 pig flu virius it was postponed, and boy I was glad to come, the venue was ideal for tri’s!!!! Fresh water man made lake that was clean and used for rowing competitions, big smooth 3 lane motorways with no traffic for the bike leg(although I admit I like rough road surfaces for racing, suits me better) and a real nice run course that went beside the lake for a while before heading up in front of the parliment. The race hotel was incredible, and brand new, so new that our original room we were assigned had never been used before but unfortunately it only had king bed, and well as nice a guy Jan is we opted for another room with 2 singles. The hotel had a 25m pool and 500m walk away had an great brand new 50m outdoor pool, completely UNheated to a beautiful 30degrees!!!!!!

Having done a handfull of races in the Asian region now, I know one thing is usually guaranteed, high heat and even more humidity. I always grew up thinking Australia was hot and that were I live in Queensland was renowned for it’s high humidity but we have it easy, we may have no ozone layer so the sun is more burning, but we certainly don’t have the thick humidity like asia has and race day didn’t dissapoint, at times on the run it felt like we were water running in a spa bath!!!!

I swam very average in this race, perhaps went in a bit too cooked from the week befores training so after leading the first 1200m Jan Rehula caught up and I jumped in on his feet for the remainder of the swim. We were both keen to clear out together on the bike leg, as Leon Griffen was racing (2006 world Duathlon Champion and multiple 70.3 winner) and Domineco Passedello, former pro cyclist of Team Quickstep and tour de france fame were racing and thought they would possibly make late charges in the race. Well, that didn’t really go to plan as I’d left my bike legs behind on this trip and accidently brought my training legs that were old, arthridic, lacticy and probably cancerous by their feelings. Jan easily rode away from me after 5k, Leon caught me after 20k and at least I could keep him to 50m for 20k but then the Italian came past at 87km/h on the flat and well Leon tried to go with him for 1km and that was enough of an effort to let Leon also go outta sight. All I could do was press on with what I had on the day and towards the end of the bike I caught a glimpse of the 3 ahead already running, I thought oh my this isn’t good. I started the run a long way back, like 3min to Leon, maybe 6 to Jan and prob 8 to Passedello. Once running I felt good and got into a good tempo instantly then after 5.5km we turned and I could see that I was closing on Leon and was hoping that the heat would take it’s toll on the other 2. Well I got Leon after 13km and at the last turnaround was maybe 2min from Jan and thought if I keep pressure on in this heat he could cramp or blow up but Passedello was still a good 4min ahead. I got to the finish line, thinking Passedello had won but Jan ran strong the last 5k and caught him 400 from the line with me coming in 3rd still 2min down.

So I was happy to finish the day on a good note after usually all year finishing the races sour. It’s true, a mate of mine always says if you have a good run you always feel good after your race because you finished strong, whereas if you have a blinder swim/bike but run bad your always left with a bad taste in your mouth.

Highlights for the weekend were;
TBB dinner with LC, Bean, Emma and the KL mechanics, Bliss and Mi Sook(apologies for spelling?) and their daughter Hanna
Watching the girl I coach win her first pro race ( well mixed as you don’t like your team mates being beaten)
Killing time all monday after checking out when your flight doesn’t leave till 10:30pm but them’s the break’s when ya trying to do it on the cheap, at least the company was great thanks Rach and Katya!!!

Next up the Scody Port Macquarie Half Ironman on November 1st where I’ll be wanting to defend my title from last year, it won’t be easy, but looking foward to the race, my favourite course for sure.

Racing is all……..

Cam Watt Malaysia 70.3

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

In a few days I’ll be flying up to race the Malaysian 70.3 in Putrajaya. I think it isn’t too far from Kuala Lumpar and I must admit my lack of knowledge about Malaysia in general. I do know it held the Commonwealth Games in 1998?? when Jay Sweet won the road race for Australia and he serverely cramped on the finish line and there was an awesome photo of him in absolute agony from it mixed with a little happiness from winning, anyway I’m looking foward to learning more about the place when I get there. One thing I am sure of though is that it will be extremely hot and humid and that could play a big part in the race as we are starting at 8am so the run leg will be contested in the middle of the day!

My training has been progressing really well, I think I’ve got 6weeks under the belt now after my month off so I’m starting to feel strong and fast again. I’ve done a handfull of what I call reality sessions, sessions that you can’t fake, sessions that don’t lie and I haven’t gone too bad so I’m confident of a good start to the back end of my season that will really kick off after this weekend, as I’m looking to defend last years Port Macquarie Half Ironman in November, then another race in mid November in Forster which is a weird distance of 2km,60km,16km then onto Ironman WA in Busselton early December.

Wow the past week I;d thought up heaps of stuff to write in this blog, and now I’m doing it I’ve got nothing, ouch trained hard and long this morning, need more food and sleep so will have to make up for this next time sorry……

In the grinde

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

The past few weeks I’ve been knuckling down in training, working my way back into form for the upcoming racing that I have planned over the last few months of the year. I am wanting to finish the year on a high, and build on the promising start to the year that I’ve had by not giving out so freely the get outta jail cards that I’ve been handing out to my competition all year on the run.

Last weekend I got to hang out and do a ride with Scott Molina, who was over here visiting a mutual friend, for those that don’t know Scott “the Termintator” Molina was one of the big 4, a pioneer of the sport and winner of the ’88 Hawaiian Ironman. Scott is also married to Erin Baker another legend of the sport so as you can imagine I annoyed him all weekend for stories from the good old days, my favourite being about Erin’s 32:20 yep no typo, 32:20 10km PB from 1990 commonwealth games trials on the track. New Zealeands female running must of been strong then as that wasn’t enough to make the team, she was 1 place short, but still what an incredible time off what Scott said was after 5weeks training after her break after Hawaii. Scott still looks like he loves training and a bit of racing too, and you can really tell he internally enjoys it, nothing to prove, no chip on his shoulder, just loves being fit and healthy……so he can enjoy his 2 or 3 beers everyday!!!!

Last weekend the ITU world championships were on the Gold Coast, 1hour drive south of where we live. I had a lot of mates doing the age group race that I’ve helped out here and there over the past few years and despite not winning a world title all had strong races, a handful of 4ths 5ths and 6ths…But my true coaching debut, came 2nd overall in the agegroup race, the days after it were hard, thinking what did I miss out, should she have done this, should she have done that, wow it really gives you a different perspective and sympathy for what we put Brett through. I wasn’t at the race, but luckily my girlfriend was to deal with the dissapointment after the finish, and to offer the get over it and on with it message in a caring and “i’ve been here before” way ;)

11.2km is a looooong way-Cam Watt

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

Yesterday I participated in the annual McDonald’s/Hot FM Mudjimba Island Charity swim. The money raised goes to 2 special needs schools on the sunshine coast, a very worthy cause that in the past few years has enabled their classrooms to be airconditioned and the modification of their buses to accomadate the wheelchairs. I got involved through my personal sponsor Gary Binet of McDonalds who also sponsor’s the event, and even donated $6000 this year on behalf of myself and other sunshine coast triathlete Jason Crowther.
The swim isn’t timed, there is no winner and we all go off at 1minute intervals as it’s compulsory to have a support boat and surf ski with you the whole time so as you could imagine with 80 swimmers it could get a little busy out there if we all went together.
We started on the beach at mudjimba and swim approx 2km straight out to sea to a small island (think one massive 50m high rock). Once we get past the Island we make a right hand turn and head straight to Mooloolaba Beach some 9km away.
In the days before the event I was getting pretty scared about the possibilty of loosing my life to a shark as these waters are a little noturious for them but once out there I was fine and didn’t think of them at all. I was pretty surreal though being soooo far off shore, see due to a big curve in the coastline I think we would of been 6 or 7km off shore at times!!!! just swimming along in the middle of the ocean. I was so choppy too, that I didn’t see anyone else swimming the entire time except my team mate Jason who swam next to me the whole time.
Our time was just over 2hrs, by far my longest continous swim and I was pretty buggered at the finish, as I made the mistake??(or is it) of swimming the night before really hard at swim training.
It was a great event and I feel privledged to be invited to participate. Jason, my team mate was strong all the way and was a big effort for him to be there as he only lost his mother to cancer 2days before hand.
3.8k is going to feel really quick next time round hehehehe

R & D with Scody Cam Watt

Monday, August 17th, 2009

Well the last few days I have been testing alot of new racesuits for Team TBB, long legs, short legs, long arms, sleeveless, two peice, one peice, compression bits, no compression, pockets here, pockets there, thick chamios, thin chamios, wide chamios, narrow chamios, all kinds of materials too. We just about have a winner that is super comfy and designed to get us from start to finish in the quickest time possible, and looking pretty smart too ;) . I will post a pic soon of the design, although as it is proto, doesn’t have our team colours on yet.

As my update, well I am back on the bike now, 4 rides in and all’s good down below. I have been back in the water and running too for past 2 weeks and all’s good there too. I actually did a 3.8km open water race last weekend and came 5th and boy did it hurt, one because I’d only been back in the water for a week, but mostly because without the usual bike and run to follow I went absolutely nuts, it was pretty fun race, a bit like a bike race with massive all out surges for 300m complete with zigzagging etc then completely lactating and trying to recover before the next one. I got beaten by a surf ironman guy, an olympic breastroker (he did freestyle for this one;)) a 14 year old girl and a broken down old triathlete (david dellow) hehehehe.

Next weekend I’m doing a charity swim for my personal sponsor McDonalds, called the HOT FM/Macca’s Mujimba Island swim. It’s raising money for 2 special schools on the sunshine coast for disabled children with special needs. It’s 11.2km long, way further than my longest ever open water swim of 6km but I’m looking foward to it as it’s such a good cause and I’m sure there will be plenty of big mac’s for recovery ;)

Ok will be in touch soon to show the great new suit!!!!!!
Cheers Cam…..

Cam Watt bits n pieces

Friday, July 31st, 2009

The dust has certainly settled since my last block of racing. When I got home to Australia I had to get something sorted out…….something that has been troubling me for about 3 years, and if your reading this and ride a bike you possibly will have experienced it before or know of someone who has but maybe not to this extent hehehe.

In the theme of team tbb and this website of being a totally honest/transperent operation I’ll let you all in if you promise not to make me the “butt” of your jokes…..and yes I wear good knicks, yes I use chamios cream, yes assos, yes I am higenic, yes,yes,yes!!! . I have had some major problems with saddle sores, or more specific “a” saddle sore. Training on the bike has been at it’s worst, pure agony, and at it’s best just dam annoying. I can’t believe I’ve put up with it for this long. I’ve been getting by for the past few years by using an anasethic cream for racing which took away the pain but this year I’ve already had two blood infections from it and I was thinking it was only a matter of time that I would end up in hospital from it and besides I’m sick of taking anitbiotics.

So a few months ago, Brett earmarked this as the best time to get it done so as not to disrupt my season. It kinda falls into a gap where I have no scheduled races. So early last week I fronted up to have my neither regions sliced and diced. The surgery went well, was painless, and well the problem bit….think golf ball is now gone!!! I get the stitches out in a couple of days, so should be back on the bike by the end of next week.

So with a little bit of down time I caught up with some friends, watched a few stages of the tour de france (10pm-1pm oz time) and even went to the movies twice, which probably equals my yearly record!!!The movies were Hannah Montana – my 3year old daughters favourite. She was quite a handful after as I got a huge coke, like 1litre and popcorn and half way through the movie I went to grab the drink and it was gone, Amelia had grabbed it and guzzled as much as she could while Dad wasn’t watching. Needless to say, she was high on sugar and caffiene for the rest of the day!!! The other movie was The Hangover, which I can recommend, was pretty funny, if your into stupid funny which I am.

The next “Race” I’m doing is an open water swim on the Sunshine Coast. It is for charity and is 11km and I’m in a team of 3. The idea of the race is like a relay so we can swim 100m at a time each or 1km at a time, but one on the team members is the morning breakfast radio host and doesn’t swim, so I’m thinking maybe he’ll do 100m and I’ll do 10.9km. Anyway, it’s going to be fun, so long as we have a big shot gun in the boat and keep a look out for sharks!!!hehehe Oh by the way it’s 11km out to sea as it finishes on an off shore Island.

I’m not 100% sure on my next true race, but there are a few on the cards so will let you all know when it is all confirmed.

I should also give a mate a shout out, I wrote about him the other month about his insane swim training and dedication, well it paid off and he pulled a silver the other day in the 25km (5hours and a bit)open water race in Rome. His first ever race over 10km. Oh and I think this race was on Saturday in Rome, well he was back in the pool in Australia training on Wednesday!!!! No rest for the wicked… Ok Ok so I should also give a shout out to another training mate here in oz to who finally broke Ian Thorpes 200m IM ozzie record last night. 1:56 to Ian’s 1:57 but not sure what suit he wore ;) hehehehe.

Cam Watt 2 outta 3…..again:(

Monday, July 13th, 2009

well yesterday didn’t really go to plan. My conditon is great on swim and bike and since finishing IM Japan 3 weeks ago with no pain at all in my achillies I trained well and looked foward to improving the run…ok not a proper run time, but off the run training I’d done, enough to win the race.

The swim went ok, was real rough surf conditons that obviously doesn’t worry me coming from Australia. Myself and Jan Rehula broke away instantly and did a good job I thought of negotiating the currents, waves and navigation. Although with 200m to swim Jan pulls this awesome wave and flys right by me so opens up 1min lead on me just like that….that’s surf for you, I’ve watched 1million hours of it to know most times its just luck but Jan is very good in surf having lived in Manly beach,Australia for a long time body surfing.

Once onto the bike I felt average to start, but worked into it and knew the harder parts would start at halfway. I got a split at 50km and was 5min!!!now behind Jan, but we then turned into psyco headwind and hills now and I went by Jan just before 90km. Not long after this is where the course got really ugly, the wind was just insane, dangerous insane and I was waiting for an official to tell me the race was cancelled, but I pushed on, then we entered this thick fog, I couldn’t see more than 30m infront and descending on wet roads not knowing the course was scary as hell especially when all of a sudden you would pass an intersection not knowing if they had stopped the cars as being first through and not being able to actually see me coming until it was too late, so I had to go soooo slow and never on the tribars. Eventually the fog cleared as we got back down the mountain but then the crosswinds began to be real bad again, again no tribars, and not really racing, more just survival to not crash. Thoughts went to a guy, Paul Crake, an aussie pro cyclist who was blown off the road a few years ago in a race and became paraplegic, so now can easily see how that happened. The last 30km I went into a hole as for the last 50k I hadn’t been able to eat or drink much at all due to not being able to let go of the handle bars.
I got off with about 10min lead to Jan and what looked like 30min or more to third. My energy returned and actually felt like I was running ok pace in parts, but after about 12km my calf and achillies started to nag, I tried not to worry about it but it continued, so I started to walk a bit and thought maybe it would loosen up. I started to run again but it was still there, by this stage Jan went past me, but I wasn’t too concerned about that as I thought if I can walk/shuffle I’ll still get 2nd but it was getting worse and so I just walked. After 14km of walking(loooonnnnnggg time) I got in contact with the race director to see if they are putting into effect the 10% rule for prizemoneny(if you dont come within 10% of the 2nd places time no prizemoney) and he said yes for sure. So that was it and I pulled out. Didn’t see the use of walking another 14km just to say I finished, sure I would of if my leg didn’t hurt and I was just tired, but to risk damaging it more and just to say I’m tuff, that ain’t me, I’ve lost enough run training in past 2 years (12months all up) to go though more time off. If I sound a little depressed, well that’s cos I am, when you train so hard, and have all the skills to be fighting at the front on the world stage, but injury is holding you back it can really piss you off. I know many have it tuffer and many have it the same as me so I just have to keep on keeping on.
On a positive note, Jeju Island is beautiful, as a training venue I can easily see it being ideal, especially for hawaii Ironman, I mean how much better could it get being able to go to Hawaii and know that you’ve trained in hotter, hillier, windier place!!!!
Congrats also to the Wongstar, that was a great race, for a “non” swimmer these conditions would of been extremely daunting.
Also Jan Rehula has looked after us really well, he is of course a true sutto sucsess story and although he coaches the Korean National team now, believe me he still trains alot, a real lot. How about waking up race morning and feeling too full still from dinner the night before???hmmm what to do, I know myself, I’d think well it won’t be a problem I’ll burn through that tody I’m pretty sure. Not Jan, he jumps on the treadmill for a light 6.5km run warm up!!!!!!!!!!!
Also, this morning my achillies feels not too bad, but my lower calf is sore and tender, so I think my crack diagnosise is I might of slightly strained/torn my calf. obviously not too bad though as I can still walk on it easily, so hopefully not too much of a setback and hopefully something seperate to the achillies that has plagued my season so far.
Ok off to swim training now bye bye.