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See evil, hear evil, do evil… « Caroline Koll's Blog


See evil, hear evil, do evil…

Here in the Philippines there is one thing that I have come to appreciate,and that is the quality of the mangoes.My faithful roomate Wongstar recently went on a mission, by this I mean assisting with fitting prosthetic legs to amputees, which is wonderful work, but I sometimes think that she is a genius when it comes to food hunting missions ;-) . She got this delightful bag of mangos on her last mission – Yum!

About the same time that the mangoes arrived we also had the monkeys hanging around…

Wongstar has always said that the monkeys are evil, and I have always come to their defence and said how clever they are…

We were all milling about inside the green house, including the cleaning ladies who were trying to make sense of the Wongstar’s room and the pile of dishes in the sink, when the Wongstar spotted the monkeys outside. Being one for multi tasking, she carried the mangoes that she had just aquired outside while having a look at the monkeys, and then carefully arranged them on the diningroom table in order of ripeness. Not even five minutes later, one of the cleaning ladies who was with me in the kitchen began shouting something in Tagalog that sounded like a lot of F-atal words to me….

After we had figured out the translation, we realised that she had indeed witnessed our most recent theft. The two ripest mangoes were gone, the Wongstar was devastated, and I was laughing at how ingenius these monkeys actually are! Wongstar had made the crucial mistake of actually showing the monkeys the treasure inside the house. The temptation was too great for Mr. Monkey and he snuck into the house, with people less than 3 feet from him, he was outnumbered with only one escape route but he had the balls to go for it!

The result is simply that sometimes you have to break the rules of conventional thinking and just go for it like it was your last chance of ever getting something. The monkey got two of the best mangoes you have ever seen for his bravery!Wongstar is still mad, and I am still a monkey lover ;-)

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