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The tapeworm, a weird rash and the flasher! « Caroline Koll's Blog


The tapeworm, a weird rash and the flasher!

The Bean has never felt this chilled the day before a race, this does not mean that I have been free from “Bean” moments….

    The Tapeworm

Since my arrival here in PE on Thursday I am convinced that I have contracted a tapeworm. I seem completely unable to stop myself from eating and snacking! It feels as though I am hungry ALL the time. I somehow wonder if my body is not going into some sort of calorific preparation in anticipation of the race?

    A weird rash

For the past three days I have been experiencing a very weird rash, which resembles a mass of mosquito bites. It seems to strike most viciously first thing in the morning (my whole body is covered and itches like crazy), then seems to calm down a bit during the day, and then after a hot shower it seems to flare up a bit again? I think it is some sort of mystery allergy but have no idea what? In any case I think the only way it will affect my race is by scaring the competition with potential contamination!

    The flasher

This morning I headed out early to do my last quick run (FYI my legs felt like they had rockets in them!). I was on my 10min return leg on an out-and-back route when I slowed down for a stop sign. I checked left and then right. As I looked to my right there was this guy facing the wall of a corner house. He turned to face me, which is when I got such a fright I almost jumped – the dude was facing me with no pants on and said “I am feeling so good today…”! I thought of replying “Me too!” but my words left me and I thought I would rather demonstrate by running the last kilometre in sub-3min! Freaky!!!! For some reason I can’t get the horrible image out of my head????

The Bean may still have her moments, but this time she is ready to race!!!!!

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