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Spring Clearance « Caroline Koll's Blog


Spring Clearance

Since returning home I have decided to put some order into my life, and so I thought, with the arrival of Spring that I would start with a bit of a “closet” clearance…

 The truth is, I have discovered a closet obsession – an addiction to flip-flops! Yes, while it is customary,or even generally accepted that most women have a close relationship with their shoes, they are normally related to Jimmy Choo’s or the high-heeled hurt-the-heck out of your feet kind.


Well, I don’t own a pair of heels (if you’re a Bean it’s asking for a broken ankle!), but I discovered that I own an impressive collection of 29 pairs of flip-flops! I believe that the collection would have been larger were it not for the Wongstar using her persuasive powers to convince me that the purchasing of food was more necessary than these pressed foam-rubber delights…






I cannot explain the obsession with the cheapest shoe known to mankind, but I can say that it has something to do with comfort and memory. You see, in these simple shoes, I have walked close to the ground, and they have never given up on me, like the way heels would wear out.

 I believe that just as the soles memorises the shape of one’s feet, so do the shoes carry the memories of the wearer. Clearly, when I look at each pair, a certain memory comes to mind, with each representing a step in the path that I have travelled so far. It is evident from the selection, that I have no regard for cold weather at all! No, they are far from classic collector’s items, but each has brought a certain amount of happiness to my life!

 So, if this is a Spring clearance, have I decided to get rid of the less happy memories? Sure, but which ones…which ones? Hey! we can always start a new collection….

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