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HELP! I’ve killed my Mother’s fern! « Caroline Koll's Blog


HELP! I’ve killed my Mother’s fern!

I admit it. One of the few Bean talents is definitely not gardening! So I am looking after my Mom’s house (and plants) while she is on holiday…

The problem is this fern, in it’s hideous pot, that has lived in the bathroom for as long as I can remember. Sadly, no matter how little or much water I give it, fertiliser, sweet-talking, the fern is unhappy and it’s leaves are dying?

I took the fern out of the bathroom for photographic purposes, in the hope that someone out there will have some advice as to how to resusitate this plant before I get an earful as to how she has had this fern for 15 years???

So, some backround info on “Ferny” – He (Yes, I am sure it is a he!), lives in the bathroom and gets sunshine when the frosted window is open, otherwise lives on light bulb light or filtered natural light. I have watered him when his soil looked dry (about 3 times a week) and given him a bit of general garden fertiliser as a last resort. Ferny lives at an altitude of 1600m, in a very dry climate.
Below is a close up of Ferny’s leaves, no sign of any bugs???

If anyone has any ideas as to how to treat Ferny’s current illness I would greatly appreciate the input!!!

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