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Singapore Fling


So I am not going to Kona because, not that I am ready for it this year anyway, because I have to overcome myself and climb higher on the learning curve that is the sport. I have never been to Kona even though it is the ultimate goal, it is not the only goal!

This has been a tough year for me personally, for a variety of reasons that have imposed themselves on me, and many a time it has been a challenge just to keep going, and keep trying, despite the voices calling for the easier, less demanding route. It is hard to pull yourself out of the big black hole when all seems hopeless, yet, I have had to do this more times than I can ever remember this year.

So, I have been put to work, for my fellow team mates, at TBB head quarters in Singapore for two weeks. This brought all sorts of anxieties for me – how on earth can one cycle here? Every road is a highway with a zillion traffic lights? Then there is the idea of being in an office the WHOLE day – a shock to someone who’s offfice is traditionally the great outdoors! Lunch is generally a cooked Asian meal, which is ok, although a bit on the spicy side for someone who prefers things a bit more temperate, and yes, I do get rather sleepy after this hot lunch!

It is strange, I have thought that sitting at a desk would be far easier on the body than sitting on a bike for 5 hours, but I have suffered sore butt, tight hamstrings and knotty shoulders!

So the point is, that going back to work has been far harder than I imagined, with the constant yearning to be outdoors and the realisation of how much the sport is my life. Sometimes though, sacrifices have to be made…

This weekend, I got to escape for a while and just thoroughly enjoyed my training, even though conditions are not close to perfect, and I have only managed to do about half of the training hours that I normally do! Pictured, is me at the pool close to where I am staying – it is a little shallow and I really have to scrunch up to effectuate a safe flip turn – but then again , I was just super pleased to be in the pool! I have had to limit my cycling to the turbo as it is just too crazy on the roads here, which is a pity as the surfaces are magnificent! Yesterday, I made it to the mint condition track, and as I was suffering through the heat and humidity, I just thought to myself, you are so lucky to be out here right now, even if it is not EXACTLY how you want it!

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