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TBB’s top secret training bunker « Caroline Koll's Blog


TBB’s top secret training bunker

So while most people think that the secret Team TBB training camp is in Jeju, Korea, there is in fact another, in a very secret location in Singapore!











This weekend, a top secret training session took place in a bomb proof bunker somewhere in Singapore. Seriously, it has steel walls and IS bomb proof! The invited participants hailed from four different countries, including a Korean-American Kona qualifier, a hard-ass Texan, an ex-pat who speaks queen’s english but has spent more than a decade in Malaysia, and of course, me, of French-German descent from Benoni, South Africa.










Pre-dawn preparations…

Well, the purpose of the session was basically to see who had the most guts in withstanding the imposed test of toughness. Certainly a mental test this one. It started with a simple question being posed “Have you ever spent 4 hours on a turbo?” “Nope, should we try?” Well just turning legs for that amount of time could be a little challenging, but not challenging enough! So, a top level torturer was consulted in order to produce a real challenge….







Let’s GOOOOOO!!!!

So, the testing took place at dawn, in the bomb bunker. Participants were sealed in for the allocated time, with some serious guards at the entrance in case of attack or escape…








The mean guards laying down the law…


Preparation is the key to success, and so it was in this case! A countless number of bottles were required, as well as an individual assortment of anti-bonk nutrition (yes, it is possible to hit the wall on a turbo!), towels to mop up the blood bath. I was clever enough to bring a rain jacket to protect myself from the bio-hazardous splashing landing on me!








Protective gear…

Torture methods included special screenings of Ironman Japan and Tomb Raider, in an attempt to distract participants into weakness. I have no idea what happens in Tomb Raider, so I guess I am not that weak after all! Same goes for the pee break – only two participants successfully managed to hold it in, or sweat it out – the others had to beg mercy from the guards! I, proudly, did not have to pee for 4 hours, but successfully sweated ten towels to capacity despite consuming 91/2 water bottles. 








Torture for the weak minded

The session itself is really T.O.P. S.E.C.R.E.T, but I can say it lived up to expectation of not being a pleasant experience! At the end of the 4hrs, the clever three female participants negotiated with the guards a conditional parole – allowed out only if you complete a specified run. The Korean – American, training for an important mission in Kona chose to remain in the bunker a while longer, hoping that the additional torture would impress the guards, which it did, as when he negotiated his release he was allowed a much shorter run…










Nearly there…


Excited about my release, I headed out the door with enormous determination and great legs! Let’s just say I did get asked by spectators at the secret run location if I was “Ok?” “Are you in trouble?” “How many more times are you going to come past”…. well, quite a few actually – I am lost. Going well, so what the hell!

Invites are out for the bunker camp next year – anyone keen?

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