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The podium plot


So the curse of 13 finally broke! At Powerman Malaysia I finally did not get race number “13″, boy was I relieved! While some Pro’s may not like the sound of race number 505 I was ecstatic!

This was Powerman Malaysia. This was me getting a third place and finally a good podium in what will probably be my last race for the year and last race for Team TBB.

I arrived late in Malaysia, on the Friday just before the race on Sunday, and I was wondering how the travel time might affect me? Well to be honest I never thought of it at all! The beautiful surrounds of Lumut where the race was to take place left me only in awe. The race organisers Melody and Adele from Quick Release Adventures could only be described as the best in the business! We were treated like absolute stars from the minute we arrived at the Orient Star Hotel. Someone was even lucky enough to to get a chocolate cake for her birthday (and yes, she was kind enough to share!)

Race day was nothing short of the most fun you can have doing a Duathlon! I have not done a Duathlon in a long time and I was wondering what a fast 11k and slightly less fast 10k were going to feel like? Well, the run and bike course were lovely and flat, just my kind of course :-) The first run started just after sunrise in Manjung and I had surprisingly very good legs combined with loads of red blood cells (having just come from high altitude). It felt easy, and quickly I found myself leading the run, I couldn’t believe I was in this position and did worry why the others were not going with me? By the 8k mark they had caught me and I thought this was a safe position to be in.

On to the bike, I had to remember that in such a short race you have to get going fast! Unfortunately, my legs would not react until Rebecca Preston caught me, and then suddenely, I was motivated to try and keep her in sight, which I managed to do the whole bike leg.

I came into the transition area in 4th place, not too bad as I enjoy the chase, but when I tried to (quickly) get my running shoes on, I realised my feet had swollen so much from the 35deg heat that I couldn’t get them into the shoes! After numerous attempts and adjustments, I finally got them on and headed out of the transition in 5th or 6th place!

By now the heat and humidity had really built up and it was tough going, pouring water on my head seemed to do little else other than build up steam! I just kept going and going even though it felt unbareable, and I eventually ran up to third place!

I was absolutely delighted to finish on the podium behind the European Champion and the Zofingen bronze medalist!

Race number 505 is a good one if ever you get it…

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