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Meeting Jesus

Jesus, Bean and Fernando

Jesus, Bean and Fernando

Yesterday, I met Jesus for the first time. I am here in Cancun, defying the odds of a near empty bank account, a 28 hour journey around the globe and filled with nothing but determination! It has always been a dream of mine to come to Mexico, and it is still an unbelievable feeling! I am looking very forward to racing the Cozumel Ironman on Sunday, and I have only some great people to thank for it! These people are the ones you always believe in me no matter how bad things get, so thank you to my sister for organising the (cheap accomodation), Mom (for putting up with my nomadic lifestyle) and Kristian, Jillian, Dan who have offered the positive words in the face of adversity!

So, yesterday, I finally met Jesus and Fernando. Quite coincidently I might add, when I headed out for a solo bike ride here in Cancun. I came across these two guys riding on a superb piece of tar from the hotel area in Cancun to the Airport. They were ambling along at conversational pace when I came by (delighted to see that proper cyclists exist in these parts). I muttered a friendly “Ola” , smiled and went by. A while later, Jesus (pronounced Geh-sous), pulls up alongside, panting from the effort, and we started an animated discussion in Spanglish. He introduced himself and his riding partner Fernando (who has legs that should belong to a Pro!). They invited me to join them the next morning for a ride and perhaps a bit of “repetition”, how great is that! Interestingly, they have a sweep vehicle, with a driver called Eric, just for the two of them! I am not sure if it is a saftey thing, but it certainly is great, Eric clears the little traffic that there is on the road, and you can be sure that no one is going to rear end you!

This morning I eagerly headed out to meet my new found Mexican friends, along with a new one called Alexandro, who claims to b just out exercising! We had a great ride, and they answered many questions about the area and Mexico in general, and then it was my turn – “Carolina” asked Jesus, “You do fast repetition for us?” Oh goodieee I thought! There is nothing more amazing than tearing down the airport road in Cancun, just smooth and so, so fast! They loved it to and we just ripped it up for 10k or so. I was smiling and so were they – heck it was fun!

Then we rode back towards the Zone Hoteleria, and they explained to me that it was rather cool at this time of year, apparently Winter? They weren’t coping too well, and explained that for a while now they had been going out with long sleeves in the early mornings! It is at least 28deg in the mornings here, and I had sweat literally blinding me – or was that just the speed???

Thank you Jesus, Fernando and Alexandro for making a great memory!

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