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Riding the Rollercoaster – Cairns IM « Carrie Lester's Blog


Riding the Rollercoaster – Cairns IM

As I sit here at Dubai Airport, writing this on my way to join Team TBB in Leysin for a few months, I am still not sure the reality of winning Cairns IM last Sunday has sunk in yet.

What can I say, life has been pretty chaotic for me since racing Koh Samui at the end of April, and it hasn’t slowed down yet! Maybe this is one reason why I have not had time to reflect on my win, and also that the day was such a rollercoaster for me…I am still not sure it is REAL!!

I am not going to go on and on with the details of the race, because it has already been talked about enough in the media. I would rather use this blog as some insight as to how you can never give up charging in an Ironman…because over the time that you are out on the course, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!!

I was telling myself numerous times throughout the day that I was looking at top 3 at best. My race plan had gone pear shaped pretty much in the swim!! Then I had 5 hours on the bike in which I was doing my own head in with all of the possible finish scenarios, and how crappy I was feeling rather than just getting the job done. It took me about 3 hours to pull myself together, and accept where I was and mentally adjust. Then the race took a dramatic turn 6 hours in when Bek was forced to pull out due to a possible calf tear. I was now in 2nd place.

I was determined to run a 3.10-3.15 marathon if it killed me, because I knew that 1) I had done the training and trusted in what I had done, and 2) If I didn’t, I would have some explaining to do to the higher powers (Doc and Matty K).

And that’s what I did. I caught the lead girl, Belinda Harper, at about the 30km mark, but had to fight until the end because she did not give up either. 6 months ago, before Team TBB, there is no doubt I would have not had the trust and belief in myself that I could have done that. When my plan went out the door during the swim, that would have probably been the end of my race, and I would have been happy with just finishing. I would have ridden over 5 hours and run a 3.20-3.30 marathon. Maybe finished top 5 if I was lucky.

The outcome of your day does not have to change just because circumstances arise that make you alter your plan. If the outcome does change, but you have dealt with and overcome what race day has thrown at you in the best way you could have, then that’s a win also. I was losing for the first 4 hours of that race.

It is critical to train and race through all the bad days, good days. We really are like a business in a dynamic, changing, and cyclical environment. It’s the ones who can be flexible and improvise and adapt in trying times as well as thriving times that survive.

Thanks for reading☺ My next blog will be from Leysin….straight back to business with Doc and Team TBB!

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