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Getting too easy? Bonjour Leysin « Carrie Lester's Blog


Getting too easy? Bonjour Leysin

For as long as triathlon has been part of my life, and for me that has been 7 years, I have lived and trained on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. From the time I did my first Gatorade Enticer race at Raby Bay until most recently racing the Cairns Ironman, I swam in the same pool and rode and ran the same routes. The only thing that really changed over the years was the duration of the training, which of course reflected my move to race half ironman and ironman.

In the last 5 months I have been exposed to more variation and challenges on both training and racing fronts in my whole 7 years of being involved in this sport, and that has come from being part of team TBB….and brings me to my point of this blog…..

When things are getting too easy….it’s time to make some changes….challenge yourself!

Training was getting to easy for me on the coast. Before I was part of team TBB and under the wing of Matty Koorey and Brett Sutton, if I was having a bad day and could take an easy option for a swim, bike or run session, I would. More than likely, I would even take the day off…maybe even the next day if I still hadn’t pulled myself together. There were too many easy options…easy flat roll to Peregian, Caloundra, or a plod along the esplanade because I needed to look at the ocean as a distraction from how much I didn’t want to run…..gee, did it show in my race performances over the last 2 years!!

I have been with team TBB in Leysin for the last 2 weeks, and there are no easy options here. The easiest ride has long climbs, and the easiest runs are undulating and visually mundane, or better yet, try a long Sunday run ending with a 10km uphill run up the mountain to the finish point. Or the 15km climb home after a 15km track set. And the pool…..well….it’s the only pool in the village so I don’t have to say anymore about that one!

I make it sound like hell….however, Leysin and what we are surrounded by here is pretty special. Life is simple. The challenging training environment is perfect to break out of the everyday routine and the strength that will come from adapting to this new environment over the months will make training on the coast seem like a playground. I am accepting and embracing the challenges that are being thrown at me every day……and if I don’t like it, I know to keep my mouth shut and just do what I am told…that makes for a happy coach Sutto☺

Happy training and racing!!
☺ Caz

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