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The world is my office « Carrie Lester's Blog


The world is my office

For the last few weeks, my office has been on the Jersey Shore, where I have been lucky enough to train in great weather and catch the last few weeks of the summer on the beach.  I even got to witness the scene of the Jersey Shore Surf Club….now that was something else!!!! Even though I spent a day in the boardroom last Sunday at Cedar Point racing the Rev3 Ironman, just being able to see the beach while I am out training makes me feel like the pressure is off training just a little, especially after being isolated in the mountains of Switzerland for the past 3 months, another one of my offices.

The time spent in Leysin has been one of the most valuable times of my life, both professionally and personally. What can I say…the training is hard…and the racing is also hard. The routine of hard training broke me many times, and I found I was having “moments” all over the mountains. But these moments, and usually they occurred riding home up the mountain, or running around the village, became my times of release from all the hard work.  Or maybe it was the long glass of good French wine! Because when you are isolated, with no means of escape, you have no choice but to work through these moments in the moment…….funnily the same happens in racing.

It appears I am also not alone with these types of “meltdowns”. I had advice given to me by many of my teammates with stories of their hard times, which is just one of the many quality attributes of our team. We are a family who supports each other through good and bad times.  The more time I spend with these people, the more I learn and develop as an athlete, and I also make some great friends.

My office next week is going to be in Cozumel, Mexico for 3 weeks.  And after that, back to the USA to plan where my next few offices will be. While the uncertainty at times can be a little frustrating, we really are living the dream while we can. This time last year I was walking into the same office every day, sitting as the same desk, looking at the same computer. Don’t get me wrong, any working experience is as valuable as anything we experience in triathlon, and I am grateful for working with such a great group of people…..but lets face it….no triathlete likes sitting behind a desk. We are always looking for new stimulation, new places, new faces…..that’s just how we roll…or should I say RIDE:)

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