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It has been a while…but I am back!!

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

It has been far too long since my last blog…..so long in fact I had to search through emails for my login and password to publish it!!!

Like most people I started the new year with a few resolutions, one of which was to blog more often…..and like most people I have procrastinated and am only now taking action!!

Now, this isn’t going to be a once off blog, like those going to the gym for the first time, killing themselves and never going back until the next years resolution comes around. I am in this for the long haul…..but I need YOUR help!!

Rather than blog only when I have a race, I would like to share with you lessons and tips I learn from training and racing, fun adventures, and also some things that interest me such as cooking, reading, health topics…plus loads more. And I would love to hear from my readers through either Facebook or Twitter where you can mail me, and hopefully your messages will inspire me to write a blog that will be of interest to many others.

So with all this said…..I have a few lessons which I learnt from my first DNF race in IM NZ last weekend. These are really simple lessons, but when you have a stubborn side like me, it is only when something really goes to crap (pardon the language!) that you take action.

Lesson 1: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Pretty simple right? Well I completely abused this one, and further more did not listen to my coach when he said not to change anything (but stubborn me…..in one ear out the other). So that’s two lessons in one – listen to your coach!!

Lesson 2: Don’t ignore any body niggles if they persist.

As athletes, we usually have some ache somewhere most days. And most of the time, these niggles and aches subside as we work through our training sessions. BUT, if they don’t, and they continue to give you grief, address it with your coach and decide what you need to do about it and who you need to see for some help. Two lessons in there as well – number 2 being communicate with your coach!

That’s all for me this time folks!

Remember to flick me a message if you have something of interest and I will be more than happy to consider your thoughts for a blog. Stay tuned and happy & safe training & racing!!! You’ll see me out on course next weekend at IM Melbourne!!