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Its all about balance….or rebalance!

Saturday, June 1st, 2013

I am 32. Pretty young. And somewhat at the bottom end when it comes to endurance racing.

I always thought in my late teens and 20s that whatever I did to my body would not show effect until my much later years……what I did not realise then was that now even in my early 30s would I be starting to see effects.

I spent years of working full time and training fuelling myself on caffeinated drinks. I went through stages where I would never have enough time for breakfast. I was driving 1hr30mins to work after training and back again. I also had my share of body image problems throughout my 20s and my health suffered for it.

I could go on and on…but my main point is this. I am 32. And starting to see the effects of things I have put my body through in the last 10 years. These stressors over the years have created imbalances which I am now on the road to correct, but it is clear how important GOOD nutrition is and how imbalances in our bodies can be corrected by eating the right foods. Sure, sometimes we need more help than food…..but it is the best starting point.

Interestingly, Scotty (the Animal) has been dealing with correcting some of his own health issues, and some of the foods he always refused to eat have become a part of his diet because he knows the nutritional benefit he is getting from them. Broccoli is another story though……

Two huge changes we have both made are (1) reducing caffeine intake and (2) relying 100% on Ignite Naturals for our training and racing needs. Our bodies do not need processed crap. And they run like putting water into a car if we do…or they run well and then break down sometime after. Ignite Naturals products are 100% natural, and contain the extra hits we need to help balance, reboot, and repair our energy systems.
These 4 products are my absolute favourite. And using these in combination with the right daily foods is my starting point to rebalancing my body. You can order them using the code TBB0105 for a discount. Plus heaps more. Or feel free to ask me any questions:) Be happy & Healthy!!