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Nutrition diary!

Monday, April 4th, 2011

After having carried many kilograms of fluid up to the 4th floor of our nice Tawantai hotel in Thailand with a great effort, I wondered how many liters I am drinking every day when the work out is hard and the weather is (mostly) hot and sunny. Therefore I began to write down everything I have been drinking for the last 9 days in boot camp. Since it is not much more work to write down everything I have been eating too, I did that also.

I think it was very interesting to see how much kcal actually came from the liquids and not from the food. I think most people who want to lose some weight forget that juice, milk (low fat), coke and coffee with sugar all have about 45 kcal/100ml. This means that drinking of 4-5 l of these drinks already covers the recommended daily ingestion of 2000 (female) -2500 (male) kcal! These values are of course much higher for people like us, who move around all day long :-) !

Another advice before I start with my nutrition diary: please don’t use my diet as good example. I know that I have been far away from perfect concerning this matter in the last weeks…


Drinks:                                                          Food:

Coke: 1.8l                   1 bowl muesli (200g) (breakfast)

Water: 2l                    Noodles with egg and vegetables (lunch)

Coffee: 0.6l                1.5 mangos (56kcal/100g) (500g), 1 yoghurt,

Juice: 0.65l               300g papaya (13kcal/100g)

Milk: 1l                        Masaman curry with rice (dinner)

6.05l and about 1800 kcal                        about 2200-2400 kcal


Drinks:                                                          Food:

Coke: 1.5l                   1 bowl muesli (250g) (breakfast)

Water: 2l                    Noodles with egg and chicken (lunch)

Coffee: 0.6l                1.5 mangos (56kcal/100g) (500g), 2 yoghurt,

Juice: 0.35l               250g papaya (13kcal/100g), 100g walnuts

Milk: 1l                         rice with chicken, vegetables and cashews

sweet and sour + omelet (dinner)

5.45l and about 1550 kcal                         about 2800-3000 kcal


Drinks:                                                          Food:

Coke: 1.8l                      2 bowls muesli (350g) (breakfast)

Water: 2.8l                   1 Bar 45g, 50g walnuts

Coffee: 0.6l                  1 mango (56kcal/100g) (400g), 2 yoghurt,

Iso: 1l                             1000g papaya (13kcal/100g), 150g peanuts

Milk: 0.7l                      Noodles with soup (dinner)

6.9l and about 1800 kcal                          about 3400-3600 kcal


Drinks:                                                          Food:

Coke: 1.15l                 1 bowl muesli (250g) (breakfast),

Water: 1.3l                  rice with chicken sweet and sour,

omelet (lunch), 2 pancakes with banana,

Coffee: 0l                     200g pineapple, 350g papaya (13kcal/100g),

Juice: 0l                       100g walnuts, 200g potato chips

(I have my week moments…)

Milk: 0.6l                      masaman curry with rice (dinner)

3.1l and about 800 kcal                              about 4100-4400 kcal


Drinks:                                                          Food:

Coke: 1.6l          2 bowls muesli (300g) (breakfast), rice with chicken,

Water: 2.5l             vegetables and cashews sweet and sour (lunch),

Coffee: 0.6l                        2 mangos (56kcal/100g) (600g),

Juice: 0.5l                         2 mini mars bars (36g), 300g pineapple

Milk: 0.8l                           rice with chicken sweet and sour (lunch)

6l and about 1550 kcal                               about 2600-2800 kcal


Drinks:                                                          Food:

Coke: 1.4l                                       2 bowls muesli (300g) (breakfast)

Water: 1l                                   omelet with rice (lunch), 50g walnuts

Coffee: 0.4l                                     2.5 mangos (56kcal/100g) (900g),

Juice: 0.6l                                       200g pineapple, 2 mini mars bars

Milk: 0.6l                                         Masaman curry with rice (dinner)

4l and about 1350 kcal                               about 3100-3300 kcal


Drinks:                                              Food:

Coke: 1.75l                                      1 bowl muesli (200g) (breakfast)

Water: 2.6l                                       omelet with rice (lunch)

Coffee: 0.6l                                     1 mango (56kcal/100g) (250g),

Juice: 0.2l                                       1 bar 60g,

Milk: 0.5l

Beer: 0.33l                                       Masaman curry with rice (dinner)

6l and about 1530 kcal                               about 2000-2200kcal


Drinks:                                    Food:

Coke: 2l                  1 bowl muesli (200g) (breakfast); rice with chicken,

Water: 1.4l                vegetables and cashews sweet and sour (lunch)

Coffee: 0.2l                       1 mango (56kcal/100g) (350g), 2 yoghurt,

Juice: 0.4l                         140g peanuts, 2 mini mars bars

Milk: 0.5l                            rice with chicken sweet and sour (dinner)

4.5l and about 1400 kcal                           about 2800-3000 kcal


Drinks:                                 Food:

Coke: 1.8l                            1 bowl muesli (150g) (breakfast)

Water: 2l                              Omelet with rice (lunch)

Coffee: 0.6l                         1 mango (56kcal/100g) (350g), 1 yoghurt,

Juice: 0.65l

Milk: 1l                                  Masaman curry with rice (dinner)

6.05l and about 1800 kcal                        about 2200-2400 kcal

As you can see, I had about 4300-4500 kcal (especially the calories in the food are approximated) every day with about 1500 (35 %) from the drinks. I drank 48 l (about 50kg :-) ) in 9 days. That is 5.3 l every day. You can even see the rainy days in this little nutrition diary, since I drank much less on these days. It was very interesting for me to protocol all my nutrition for some days since I got much more aware of what and how much I was eating and drinking.

I am back at home in sunny and unusual warm (10-20°) Germany now, after I leaved flooded Thailand on last Wednesday. It was really horrible to see all the houses get flooded in the last two days. I hope that Thailand will be back to normal soon and not too much damage has been caused by the heavy rain (in 4 days as much as in the whole year in Rostock/Germany!!!).

Last but not least, I want to thank the whole team and the Swiss crew for countless hard and efficient Training sessions! See you in Leysin as soon as possible!