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My first Ironman top 10.

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Now two days after the race every single part of my body seems to hurt and I feel tired as usual after an Ironman race. The race was definitely the toughest race I´ve ever done! It was not enough that the bike course had nearly 3000m in elevation but in addition the wind was blowing with about 30 to 40 km/hr all the time. Unfortunately I had a day where my bike performance was really week. After the best swim I have ever had (just 3min behind the eventually race winner Timo Bracht), I had to fight from the first km on the bike to keep the pace. On some parts of the bike course there were heavy head winds in the accents and it was very difficult not to get desperate because it felt like I was not moving at all… The 180km on the bike were a 5hr10min lonely fight against the wind and the hills (or both) and unfortunately I lost my bottle directly after the aid station on Mirador del Rio at km 120 due to very bad road conditions in a decent. I tried to stay calm and just ride to the next aid station without anything to drink. Usually there were aid stations every 10 to 15km but I had the luck to lose my bottle when it was 35km to the next aid station. It happened what had to happen, I got a little bonk at the end of the bike course. When I got into transition they told me that I´m in 10th position! I´d never expected that, after that poor bike ride! The run felt god, but was a like a rollercoaster for 42km. I was flying after I got a gel or coke or energy drink, but since I was really empty after the bike I was struggling every time before the next aid station came. The distances between these aid stations seemed to get longer and longer. After a 2:56 marathon I was just happy to have survived that race. After all I think I can be happy with a 7th position in my first official Ironman race.
Some pictures will follow soon!