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Winter Review

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

I found an interesting post on my own website which I wrote in January when I did countless training sessions in the pool to improve my swim:

How to become a dolphin?

It could be so easy to become a fast swimmer. Just a couple of fins here and there and the swim split would improve immediately. It is amazing to look at the elegance of the motion of for example dolphins in their wet element. Just a little flip of the tail fin and they move much faster than a human can dream of. But could you imagine dolphins at a bike?

That’s the point. We have to make the best out of what we have got.
Therefor my aim in the first part of the new season is to improve my motion in the water with these slightly to small ventral and tail fins called “hands” and “feet”. But I am very confident that I am on my way to a much faster swim split in the coming race season. Even though I am a little bit afraid to get webs between the fingers and toes caused by the many hours in the water every week. And my elegance of motion in the water is still questionable. All in all there is still a lot of work to do to swim fast enough to get out of the water with the first groups. The first step is to improve the 3,8 swim split from 55 min. to at least 52 min. this year. And after all that swimming I must not forget why triathlon is named like that…

I just read it and had to smile, cause my swim split on Lanzarote was 51:25 min. That was the most important step I had to make this year. Now I have to show in the next race that it was not just a positive slip-up.

I have already recovered pretty good from the hardest race I ever did so far and am looking forward to the next TBB Training camp in Switzerland which i will attend from next tuesday untill the end of july!